With Me

Published on Jun 14th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
With Me

With Me I have recently had the privilege of speaking to several people who are being severely challenged in life. As I took just a few steps with them my heart became heavy because of their pain and struggles. As we spoke of some truths from the Word of God I began to gain a deeper appreciation of what God was saying. I began to realize that just after a short time of speaking with them that I was going to pray with them, shake their hands, and watch them leave my office. While my heart would still be heavy their struggles and pains would go with them while I would gain some distance from the struggles they would be living with every day. Yet, what God impressed upon my heart was that he would be going home with them. He would be walking with them through each of these struggles. Psalm 10 speaks beautifully to this. The Psalmist starts out by questioning God and why he hides from him during these struggles but it ends up with the Psalmist understanding that God sees all. Listen to verse 14, “But you do see, for you note mischief and vexation, that you may take it into your hands; to you the helpless commits himself; you have been the helper to the fatherless.” As my brothers and sisters left it was so reassuring to know that God was going with them, that he knew what was happening, and that he was taking it into his hands.

I just love that little phrase...”that you may take it into your hands”. Too often we do not see because we do not want to look. It is better, we think, not to get involved with other people’s problems and so we simply refuse to see that they are struggling. If we can make into church, worship our Lord, and then get out without too much interaction then we believe we have had a successful Sunday. But God is not like that. He makes it a point to see the mischief and the vexation that plagues our life. He does that so that he can take it upon himself. He does not run from being involved in our lives but he eagerly longs to take all of our problems and all of our struggles into his hands. He is willing to bear our burdens and he never leaves us alone. He is always with us and walks every step of our lives right beside us. He never grows weary or becomes overwhelmed with our struggles. He never tires of us always needing him. What is amazing to me is that after all of the problems and grief that I have given to him he continually tells me to cast all of my cares upon him. The Lord spends a great deal of time trying to teach me that in my weakness he is made strong. He wants to be my strength. He wants to uphold me by his right hand. He pleads with me to understand that no problem is too big and or too small for him to take into his hands.

I wonder why, then, do I not commit all things into his hands? Why do I still try to control or handle my own struggles? Does Psalm 10:14 give me a clue? I believe it does. It is because I do not want to see myself as helpless. The truly helpless will commit themselves to God. They really have no other choice. They are without help. Their friends and family are unable to bring the help they need. The talents and abilities that God has given them are too small for this struggle. So they commit themselves to God rather than surrender to the struggle. It is then that they find peace and deliverance. Here is what I am trying to learn. The struggles that I believe are small and fixable on my own...are really bigger problems that haven’t blossomed yet. And so, to save myself a lot of grief and pain, I want to surrender them now to Jesus, before they blossom and become bigger problems that cause me to see my helplessness. Let me simply see my helplessness now. Let me not lean unto my own understanding. Let me understand that he truly does desire for me to cast all my cares upon him. Let me see him walking with me every step of every day.

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