Weird Thoughts

Published on Nov 29th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Weird Thoughts

Weird Thoughts I am hoping some of you are just like me. If not, I am in trouble. Every once in a while a weird thought just pops into my head. It is not just that this weird thought pops into my head...I often find myself meditating on them. Sometimes I chuckle to myself and at times, I probably scare myself a little. I have found that the key to all of this is to not share them with anyone...they usually just look at you and back away ever so slightly. But, I have to write a blog and this is on my mind, so get ready to back away, just a little.

The other day I was rubbing my eyes and I felt this very long eyebrow hair. It was one of those ones that men over 50 start to get. It was white and about 12 inches long. I yanked that baby out and was amazed at how long that thing was. It made me look into the mirror to check for other monsters that were growing out of my brow. I usually use my beard trimmer to keep things in check but that one slipped by the trimmer. It made me think about my dad. At times, his eyebrows would triple the amount of hair on his head. The hair in his brows was long, white, and would go every which way. He did not have bushy eyebrows or a unibrow but he sprouted some long, out of control hairs.

I never really said anything to my dad, and I am sure that when he went to the barber they took care of the brows, ears, and nose (another over 50 joy). As I meditated on this great truth it struck me that my dad, and his generation, were not that consumed with that kind of grooming. They were not checking the mirror constantly, to make sure every hair (the little they had) was in place. My dad dressed nicely and was not a slob but he was not consumed with himself in that manner. He was concerned about his character. He was concerned that he worked hard, provided for his family, led his family spiritually, and that he used the gifts that God had given to him. He shared Christ, invested in his family, taught the Word of God, and loved his wife. After doing all that, he might look at his eyebrows, but they were not high on his priority list.

Trimming an extra long hair only takes a moment of time. But I wonder if how much time we spend on ourselves physically is not taking its toll on how much we give elsewhere? We have time to trim things up, go to the gym, shop for healthy meals, and get a little running in but that leaves us with little time or discipline energy to spend daily time with the Lord, use our gifts in serving others, or seeing ministry opportunities that God places before us every day. It is not an either/or situation but often times something has to give and it usually means that we put off our time with God. I was important to my dad and he spent a great amount of time coming to my sporting events etc. but I also knew that, at times, his work for Jesus would require him to not be home when I went to bed.

My dad taught me how to tie a tie the proper length, not to button every button on your suit coat, and to match your dress shoes to your belt. Those were short lessons. The majority of the time he was more concerned about how I treated the teacher I did not like, that I seize the opportunities to serve others, that I use the gifts that God gave me, and that I played a sport correctly and with a good attitude. He was more concerned that I hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your reward.” than “You look marvelous”.

Random weird thoughts from a long eyebrow hair.

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