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Over this past weekend I had the privilege to be involved in the wedding of a young man that I watched grow up.  He married a godly young woman and their future seems bright as they both love the Lord and are striving to keep him at that center of who they are.  I must admit, though, that often in situations like this that I enjoy the premarital counseling more than the wedding and reception themselves.  Often the wedding ceremony makes me nervous as I do not want to mess up the couple’s big day.  I remember one pastor who baptized a couple rather than pronouncing them man and wife!  The receptions are also, at times, uncomfortable as family and friends join hearts and my wife and I try not to get in the way.  What makes things worse is if you have seen the video of me dancing at my daughter’s wedding you know that me getting on the dance floor is a real bad idea.  So I sit and watch and wish I could move like John Travolta.


This past wedding though, was in a very small, very old church.  It was not as old as our church at JBC but the different setting made me begin to question how many weddings, over the years, this little church has been involved in?  In the wedding ceremonies that I do I often speak of how we are going to be reading different parts of the ceremony because they are the words that help us link to the past….”Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the sight of God and these witnesses…”  Hearing those words remind us that this institution of marriage is bigger than us.  When we choose to get married we are choosing to become part of something that God himself created and instituted.  Due to this fact, and the fact that he is God, he gets to make up what marriage is to look like.  That is why, if we want our marriages to honor and please the creator, that we need to understand the roles that he gives us, the goal of marriage, and the picture that marriage is to portray.  This is why we say our vows before him and we are then responsible to him for the keeping of those vows.


I believe this is one of the main reasons that divorce rates are so high and that the definition of marriage has been so distorted.  We, as a society and as a church, have forgotten that God is the creator and definer of marriage.  Your marriage is not simply your own.  It belongs to God.  You chose to be part of that which he created and owns.  We need to consider our role in this great institution before we seek to throw our marriages away.  You need to play by his rules and you must seek to achieve his goal.  How often do we think about the picture we are to be painting of Christ and his bride (Eph 5)?  Am I choosing to love my wife as Christ loves the church so that I am shouting to others the glory of this great love?  Is my wife living a life of respect and submission to me, just as the church respects and submits to the will of God so that everyone can see how beautiful this is?


The amazing grace in all of this is that not only did God create this great institution of marriage, he sustains it as well.  When we choose to fix our eyes on Jesus we learn his sustaining love.  We are then able to live that love out in our marriages.  God carries our marriages through the rough times and despite our sinfulness he creates a bond that is permanent and sustaining.  The Captain and Tenille almost had it right.  Love will keep us together.  We just need to realize that first and foremost it should be the love of the creator of marriage.

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