‘Tis the Seasons

Published on Nov 4th, 2015 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
'Tis the Seasons

‘Tis the Seasons

I am not throwing my wife under the bus.  Really, I’m not.  We were walking into a store and there, before the doorway, was someone raising money for a worthy cause.  I said something about their items and my wife commented as to how much she hates to go to a certain store because there are always community folks raising money in front of the store.  Now my wife is not stingy but she had hit her limit.  She had just answered two or three calls from solicitors, and our church had been raising money for a tribe in the Philippines, had been collecting money for shoeboxes for Samaritan Purse, and had been raising money for Thanksgiving food baskets that we like to share with our community.  Add to that a husband who bought himself a gift, recent birthday parties, and some other expenses and my wife had grown weary of money going out so quickly.  Her response to the charities in front of the store was not a response of stinginess but one that we all feel this time of year.  We do have hearts for giving and so it is hard to say no to people who are seeking help (except for phone solicitors…they are easy to dismiss).  You may not like lemonade but how can you say no to a little child who is seeking to help others?  I have two to three coupon books for free Frosties because it is hard to say no to the adoption of children.  So is it not normal to want to walk on the other side of the parking lot and go in another door so that you do not have to say no to another worthy cause?

Listen to Psalm 41“Blessed is the one who considers the poor! (or weak)  In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him; the Lord protects him and keeps him alive; he is called blessed in the land; you do not give him up to the will of his enemies.  The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health.”  I love the wisdom of the Bible.  Giving to those who are poor or giving to worthy charities who help others takes wisdom.  We all have limited funds.  We all understand that we struggle with how much we should give and how much we should use for ourselves.  We all struggle with the wisdom of simply giving money versus giving more valuable help.  In Psalm 41, God says to consider the poor or weak.  Give it some thought.  Don’t simply just take the easy way out and hide from giving or being involved.  Consider the people and then decide.  Then the Psalmist goes on to give us some other things to consider.  Look at the blessings that God provides for those who take the time to consider and help the poor.  All of those blessings are a reminder that when we are poor and weak God considers and helps us.  He may not give like we want him to give each time but he never sees us in need and then decides to go across the parking lot and into another door to avoid us.  In his wisdom, he considers what we believe to be our need and then he responds appropriately.

My wife has truly grown in her desire to give to those in need.  She may have hit her limit the other day and was tired of the relentless pressure of overwhelming needs that surround her but after complaining about all of the pressure, she considered what was being asked of her, and she said no.  She was obedient to Psalm 41.  Giving is not always the best option for the person asking or the person giving.  God says no to us some of the time.  He does so, each time, after considering what is best for us and what will bring him the most glory.  He never grows weary of us asking, he is never overwhelmed by all of the neediness around him, and he is never tired of giving.  He considers and makes a wise choice.  Pray with me that during these holiday seasons, where much is asked of us, that we will not simply dismiss requests because we are weary of requests.  Pray that we will consider and rely on the gracious wisdom of our God to make wise decisions.  There are huge blessings attached to considering.

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