The Last Say

Published on Feb 15th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
The Last Say

The Last Say Your children are in the middle of a squabble that you have let go on for a long period of time. Your hope is that they would somehow be able to work it out. You now realize that they are both digging their heels in even more and so you step in and give the final word on the matter. It may not be settled in their hearts but for the time being there is a semblance of peace. These kinds of things happen all the time in our lives. Whether it be on the sports field, the work place, the classroom, or in church. The referee often has the final say. Did you ever stop to think about what it would be like if there was no referee? There were no rules? It is exactly what is happening in our country today. We have created a generation of people who believe that the final authority is themselves. They get to set the rules, they get to determine what is right and wrong, they get to live by what they feel, and they are the king of their own universe. But what happens when other people, who are king of their own universes, have ideas and rules that differ from yours? Debate and compromise are a good solution but what happens when things fail to go your way? Eventually you have no recourse except violence. You cannot simply live and let live because their rules effect your life. So when you lose an election or things do not go your way you act out in violent protest, you feel justified in anarchy because you are unable to completely rule your kingdom. You convince yourself that you are justified in just about any action because your freedom to rule your life has been compromised and there is no authority but yourself. This is why you see such nice people as teachers threatening to shoot the President of the United States. They have no greater authority than themselves and he is messing up their lives.

As believers, we must recognize that God’s authority as seen in the Bible is a great gift that saves us from ourselves. By recognizing that we are not the final authority we are given true freedom to live and enjoy others who disagree with us. God directs us to “speak the truth in love” and to “let love cover a multitude of sins”. These directives keep us from the violence we would do to our relationships when people step on our freedoms. Jesus came before us and set the greatest example of serving others and “overcoming evil with good” by dying on the cross and setting us free from the evil we do to each other. By “loving our enemies” and “blessing those that curse us” we find that we move toward a society that we desire rather than destroying those who block our definition of peace.

Having the authority of God in our lives does not hinder us from living free and peaceful lives. He is the only true source of peace that allows us to live our beliefs and still be at peace, at least from our side, with those around us. He is the only authority that truly brings people together and binds them for all of eternity. Jesus is our only hope for the society we all long to live in.  We must always allow him to have the last say.

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