Some Gospel Facts

Published on Aug 14th, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Some Gospel Facts

Some Gospel Facts to Carry You Through Today

Paul says in Galatians 3 that we were saved by faith and that we live by faith. We cannot go back to the old way of self sufficiency to try and grow in Christ. We cannot believe that the law can produce any righteousness in us. Our faith in the work of Christ at salvation and throughout our life is counted by God as righteousness. It is not righteousness itself but it is counted as righteousness by God. All righteousness that we have comes from God through faith in Christ’s finished work of on the cross.

What happens to the law then? Does it just go away? No. The law acted as our guardian and our tutor until Christ came. The law does not go away now that Jesus has come. Jesus fulfilled the law. We are no longer under it’s legal authority but we are still under the moral authority of the law. Think of the example of a tutor. A tutor was someone who was given the responsibility to raise the children for the parents. As a parent you trust that your children will obey the tutor. When your children are older you trust that even though they are no longer under the authority of the tutor that their lives will reflect the principles and values that the tutor taught them. They do not obey the principles and values because they need to measure up to the tutor but because these values have become their own. They have internalized the values and now base their lives on them. When Christ came he fulfilled the law and gave us a better way to relate to God – through faith we are now his children. But that does not mean that the law is was a bad thing. The law was not bad, it was just inferior.

So what do we do now? We allow the Holy Spirit to show us how the gospel would cause us to act out this law. One of the best places to start is in Matt 5 and the Sermon on the Mount. The Beattitudes. Salt and light. Anger in our hearts. Lust in our Hearts. Loving enemies. Keeping our marriage vows. Going to offended brothers. Giving to the needy. Right priorities. Etc. As we look at these things we begin to understand the point of the law in the first place – it is overwhelming to think that our lives need to look like this.

Here is what I find amazing. That is where faith comes in. The new life that God has created in you by the work of the Holy Spirit does look like all of this. We do not need to live like this to measure up to God. We measure up because of faith in Christ. This life has been all ready created in us. We need to walk by faith and allow God to demonstrate that life through us. In my old self sufficiency I may find it impossible to love my enemy but I can, by faith, believe that God can love my enemy through me. I may in my old self sufficiency believe that I will never change my thought patterns but I can by faith pluck out my eye believing God that I am a new creature and that new thought patterns are in my life through the presence of the Holy Spirit. I am not seeking to become (that hard work has been done by Jesus all ready) but I am seeking to allow God to continuously reveal whom he has made me to be.

These truths keep me dependent upon Him every day. They keep me scouring the word to seek to know him better and to seek to know what this person he has created me to be should look like. It is like getting a new electronic gadget and reading the instruction manual and seeing all the stuff it can do. These truths also create in me a great need for other believers. I need their help and fellowship. I need someone I can share with who is experiencing the same things I am. I want to encourage them and build them up.

Living by faith is so freeing and exhilarating. To stand in the awe of what God has done in me is humbling and sobering and yet it is hard to stop smiling. Sadly, I often find myself living in my old self sufficiency. The darkness is enslaving. So I must keep these truths in front of me daily. I must seek to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. I must allow his Spirit to teach me through his word. I must humbly admit that I need you all to help me keep walking in the light. I write these things to you today to turn your eyes back toward Jesus. To give you some gospel truths to meditate on and I trust that when we see each other we will encourage each other with these words.


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