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I met a friend at a funeral the other day and we decided to connect for lunch. During the lunch he began to speak of a friend of his who had left his wife and was now committing adultery with another woman. He also shared how the relationship with the other woman was not going so well. In order to keep his options open this man was keeping his wife guessing by hinting that he may be ready to admit his mistakes and come home. My friend believed that all of this was simply a ploy and was really hurting the wife. The husband claims to be a Christian, claims to want to walk with God, and is frequently asking prayer that God would work in his life. It almost makes you want to throw up. I have heard this story more frequently than I ever thought possible. My friend said another comment that broke my heart. He almost couldn’t say it out loud but he leaned in close and almost whispered, “What is sad is that I think in my church there are many more marriages that are on the brink of falling apart.”

I agree with my friend. There are many reasons for this but I would like to share with you my opinion about why this kind of sin is happening more and more in marriages that claim to have Christ in the center. Christians have bought in to the lie that there is more and that more is better. The lie says that there is more than taking care of the children, providing for the family, growing old together, sharing in sickness and health, living daily life together, etc. There is more…more is never really defined but we are told over and over again that more is better. Satan told Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 that there was more. More knowledge and that more knowledge is better. Adam and Eve learned that this was a lie. A man meets another woman who seems to offer more. In reality she only offers something different, which, soon enough, will not be enough and he will desire “more”. We need to start seeing the riches that we have and stop believing the lie that there is more out there somewhere. We have been fed the lie that to stop looking for more means that we are settling for less. What if the truth is that we can stop looking for more because we have been given great riches? What if the truth is that we have all that we need?

Is there really anything richer than staying with the wife of your youth? Is there anything richer than working daily to provide for your children? Is there anything richer than being gifted by God to be faithful? How pure and rich is it to be with one woman or man? How rich is it to realize that all of your needs have been met? How rich is it to understand that your eternity is secure and that soon you will be walking on streets of pure gold?

The problem with the lie of “more” is that it never ends. We want more from our friends. We want more from our job. We want more from our church. We want more from our entertainment. We want more from our hobbies. We want more…

There is only one who can ever fulfill what is missing in our lives. That is the Lord himself. We are even commanded to desire more in the grace and knowledge of him (II Peter 3:18). If we try to fill that desire for more with anything else besides him, we will find that not only do those things not fulfill us but they lead to the destruction of that which we have. I honestly have never heard of anyone who has regretted staying with their wife and family but I have heard from those who left to find more and have discovered that they already had everything that they really wanted.

Maybe you are one of those whom my friend spoke of. Maybe you believe that there is more out there. Let me share with you what I have heard time and time again…there is not more out there, there is only different. After a time the different becomes the same and then the desire for more comes back stronger. We must learn that what we have is enough. We must also learn that what we have is not designed to fulfill us…only God can do that. Stop asking your spouse, your children, your job, your church, and your friends to do what only God is able to do. Learn the beauty of the everyday routine and faithfulness. Choose, once again, to love the spouse of your youth and enjoy the riches that God has bestowed upon you. Realize the riches that you have in Christ and that he has truly given you every good and perfect gift.

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