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I am not sure what the rules of a blog are so I keep making them up as I go along.  If you will allow me I would like to use this time to reminisce about a friend of mine who has gone before me to heaven.  I often find myself thinking of Bruno Isings around this time of year.  Bruno was a friend of mine whom God took home to be with him at just the right time but to be honest, too early for me.  Many things bring Bruno to my mind.  For instance, just yesterday I rode past a KFC and I was reminded how Bruno would call me ever six months or so and say that he had a hankering for KFC.  We would meet at a local KFC, leave, and then call each other twenty minutes later complaining about how sick we were.  What I remember most about Bruno is how he did ministry on purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, he was led by the Spirit of God, but that leading would result in a plan of action for Bruno.


The reason this time of year brings him to mind is that this is the time of year our church has it’s Annual Meeting.  One of the ministries that God led us to start at our church is Faith Promise Giving.  Simply put, this is a ministry that is designed to encourage members to give personally, through the local church, to missions.  You pray about what God would have you give over the year, above all your other giving, and then you commit to that amount each year.  Bruno and I were on the ground floor of this ministry at our church and we spent the first couple of years calling almost weekly with stories of how God provided our FPG monies.  These calls, though, were designed by Bruno to sharpen our story telling abilities so that we could then share these stories with the congregation.  We desired to not only encourage others to participate in the program but also so that they would see a great God and not Bruno or I.  It was during that time that I began to see God’s work in Bruno as God used him to accomplish much for the kingdom while using the gifts he had given Bruno for organization and purpose.


I saw Bruno doing ministry on purpose every Thursday also.  He would call on Thursday, the day before I wrote out my message, and ask how my message was going.  He wanted to know how he could pray for me and if I need to talk out anything that God had given me that weekend.  I asked him about his regular calls and he simply said that I was on his Thursday list.  Now to me I find that I like to do ministry in a more free wheeling, seat of my pants, style but Bruno had his weekly lists of those God had called him to minister to.  I began to really look forward to those Thursday calls and they often helped me hone my message for Sunday.


It wasn’t only with me that Bruno did ministry on purpose.  I remember he would tell me of his commitment to be more hospitable.  He found this difficult, at times, because he would run out of things to say.  His solution was to recruit another member of our church who could talk your ear off and then they would then minister to these families together.  Whenever there was a lull in the conversation, this other member would pick up the slack.  When he went to a prayer meeting and heard the awkward silence of no men praying he committed with another friend that one of them would always begin the prayer time so that there would be no more awkward, non glorifying, silences.


Bruno did ministry on purpose.  He planned it out and then he carried that plan out.  He was faithful and God used him mightily in His kingdom.  I found myself doing more things on purpose rather than simply when the mood hit.  Maybe we could all learn from his example and listen closely to the call of God and then do some ministry on purpose.  After all, Jesus always worked the plan that God laid out for Him.

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