Remember the Word

Published on Mar 28th, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0


In Luke 24 we have Luke’s account of the resurrection.  What is interesting is that in Luke’s account Jesus is not there.  He arrives on the scene with the two men on the Road to Emmaus and then Luke tells of Jesus appearing to his disciples, but when he speaks of the resurrection he leaves out the part of Jesus appearing to Mary.  Luke seems to focus more on the two angels’ message than he does on the appearance of Jesus.  I am not sure we can make too much out of this, but as I read Luke’s account I found myself asking, “Where is Jesus?”  I suppose that was Luke’s point – He’s not here anymore.  He is not where they expected Jesus to be.  They came to the grave and Jesus was gone.  By the way, did you ever stop to think why Jesus rolled the stone away?  It wasn’t so he could walk out; he can now walk through walls. It was so we could go in and see that he no longer was there.  He was inviting all to see that he wasn’t where they thought he would be.


Have you ever had times in your life where you thought Jesus would be someplace but he wasn’t there?  I am not talking about his omnipresence; he is everywhere.  I am talking about a hospital room where it seems as if Jesus has left the building…or a crisis where you turn to Jesus and you cannot see his presence…or when you are simply walking through life and it feels as if you are walking alone.  You look for Jesus in all the places you’ve seen him before – blessings, friends, surprising help that comes…and it just seems that he is silent.  We know he did not leave us, but we can’t seem to find him either.


What did the angels tell the ladies when he spoke with them?  Their words are important.  “Remember how he told you..?” (Luke 24:6).  We need to learn that Jesus is found in his word.  He has left us, not just a book, but a message about himself and about our lives with him.  It is a treasure trove of truth that is constantly shouting out to us about where he is and how we can hear from him.  Last time they saw Jesus he was being put into the grave.  It only makes sense to go back there to look for him.  We often look for Jesus in places where we believe we have seen him work and speak to us in the past, but we forget that it is in his word that he truly speaks to our hearts.  Yes he used our friends to minister to us…or a stranger who gave help…or a radio preacher who made a comment…but if you look closer you will realize that they spoke to you or lived to you the Word of God.  That is where he speaks to us and tells us where he is and where he is working.  Cling to him by seeking to hear from him through his Word.  If one day it seems as if you just can’t find Jesus, stop what you are doing, sit down, pray and then open the Word and hear him once again shouting to you where he is working and what he is doing.


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