Rainy Days and Monday

Published on May 17th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Rainy Days and Monday

Rainy Days and Mondays It is just one of those mornings. The sun is shining, I can hear the birds singing, and although it is supposed to get hot today the morning temperature is just right. I read that it is Bike to Work day and if I did not have afternoon appointments I would have ridden my bike to work. My 650 BMW Funduro...let’s not get too crazy about the nice day! While I was enjoying the nice day and speaking to my Savior the Holy Spirit brought to my memory a number of my friends who would not see the day as nice as I see it. They find themselves in the midst of struggles in relationships that make this more of a rainy day or Monday than the sunshiny day that it is. For them, going to work is more of a chore than it usually is. The only hope of a good day is if that co-worker has taken a vacation day. They just seem to bring out the worst in my friends. Some folks don’t have to the leave the house to face their nemesis. Hopefully they have to roll out of bed in order for them to face the problem. Some folks just need to roll over in bed to come face to face with the one with whom they are struggling. Life is difficult when we are struggling with someone who is intent on making our life difficult.

What I love about the Bible is that we can hear the voice of God spoken into our difficult situations. It is as if we have our own private counseling session with the creator. He has so much to say about situations like the one my friends find themselves in. We cannot touch on all of them in this little blog but let me give you one to chew on for today. “For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer, quarreling ceases.” Proverbs 26:20

That is advice from God. You can count on it. If we stop adding wood to the fire it will eventually go out. That person will eventually run out of reasons, energy, or motivation to keep the fire going. Every comment that you make back, every reaction you give, every little dig you come back with, may feel good for the moment but will simply add more wood to the fire. God promises that if we are able to restrain ourselves that eventually the fire will die out. Unless, of course, the other person has an unlimited amount of fire wood. But think about that. Think about how much that costs the other person to keep putting wood on that kind of fire. Think about how hard it is to keep a one sided fight up. Admittedly, some people like Saul can chase David for 8 years but eventually weariness sets in and they will stop putting wood on the fire.

God does address one of the issues that keeps the fire going. Whisperers. People who continually feed the person, or you, with new fire wood. Those little comments or questions that just keep the fire burning. How come you let them take advantage of you like that? Did you hear? We must keep our guard up against whisperers. Well, all of this does not sound like great news. After all, we have seen fires before. They can seem like they are all but done and then a little puff of air, a new log, and they are ablaze once more. Simply not adding wood to the fire gives us peace of mind that we are not the problem but if our nemesis has a good deal of wood, and many of them do, then we are in for a long struggle. It would be nice if there was some relationship water that we could throw on the fire. Romans 12:17-21. Look it up. It is the fire hose for relationship fires. Let me give you the gist...”overcome evil with good”. Not adding wood is the first step. Doing good begins to douse water on that pesky fire.

One of our problems with this kind of passage is that we do not spend enough time determining what is good. Romans 12:17 says, “give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all”. Doing good is way more than simply baking brownies for that one who is treating you poorly. Doing good is what is spiritually best for that person and what is readily recognized as honorable. That takes some thought. It takes a lot of prayer. It takes a lot of Bible study. It often takes a multitude of counselors (not whisperers). It will take courage and trust in the Word of God to do good. Often the first step is allowing God to be the one who takes vengeance.

No quick fixes here. Some people just seem to have a desire to make our life miserable. We have probably done our fair share of adding wood to the fire but let’s decide today to stop fueling the flame. May today be the day that we commit to prayer to allow the Holy Spirit to define what good would look like in our situation. Let’s do all of that for the glory of God. Even if they continue to throw logs we will bring glory to God by our actions.

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