Pursue Peace

Published on Nov 8th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Pursue Peace

Pursue Peace A friend of mine has been hunting the woods behind our house. For several months this year, and some time last year, he has been baiting the deer. He has spent money on feed, time on stalking, and patience on waiting for the right deer. All of his effort paid off as he was able to harvest a large buck this past Saturday. The meat from this deer will help feed his family this winter. You may not be a hunting fan but I was impressed at his dedication and perseverance. He pursued that deer. Weeks before he was able to harvest the deer he spoke with me and asked if I had seen it lately or if I had noticed any of it’s habits. When I wasn’t able to help him, he spoke with my neighbor and even planted a trail camera to try and track the buck. It was as if he and the buck were in a battle.

Peter tells us in I Peter 3 that we should seek peace and pursue it. I was reminded of my friend when I read that verse this morning. I couldn’t seem to shake the similarities between the two situations. I was struck that his pursuit ended in such violence and my pursuit of peace is often violent but seeks to end in pleasantness. The effort, at times, to actively pursue peace with some folks needs to be persistent and multifaceted. At times, I have put out some feed or feelers hoping they would take a step towards me. At other times I have felt like I am stalking them, as I have not agreed to be at enmity. Still, at other times, I have had to be patient. To wait until they came back into my world and allowed me the opportunity to pursue peace again. But, like me friend, my desire for a specific outcome drove me to pursue.

Why pursue? We pursue peace because God loves us to live in peace in unity. It is his desire. But I also pursue peace because of what Peter writes. Quoting Psalm 34, Peter writes, “Whoever desires to love life and see good days...”. I want to love life and see good days. I have seen too many people eaten away from bitterness. They have no good days. Each day has new things to complain about. New things to find unpleasant. They are angry drivers, never satisfied with any service given to them, and never pleasant. They have more than just a few unresolved feuds left in their paths. They have become experts at starting problems but amateurs at solving them. I do not want to be like that. I want to love life. I don’t want to miss the days that are good. I don’t want to look at life through glasses that are tainted with anger and bitterness.

Maybe you need to make the connection today. You have allowed too many relationships to fester with bad blood. It is what is driving and feeding your anger and pessimism. Begin to submit the will of God and begin praying that God would give you a heart to pursue peace. I heart to go back and seek reconciliation. It will then allow you to see good days and you may find that you love life again.

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