Pack a Trumpet

Published on Jul 16th, 2014 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Pack a Trumpet

Pack a Trumpet

I know that I may be missing something but for now my ignorance has led me to some great meditations on the sovereignty of God.  I was studying Judges 7 for this Sunday (it is the passage where God tells Gideon he has too many fighting men and he has to cut the number down to 300) and I was struck just how much God controls and directs things.  Now here is the part I may need to do more study on but for now am enjoying – in verse 8 it says that Gideon’s 300 men took all the provisions they needed from the rest of the men going home and then it makes special mention of the fact that they took their trumpets with them.  Here is where I am ignorant.  Did they always take their trumpets into battle with them?  If they did, why is it mentioned in a special way here?  Now, those of you who know the story would say that they needed those trumpets because they were going to blow them and confuse the Midianite army.  That was the plan.  But that wasn’t the plan until verse 16.  That was after Gideon snuck into the Midianite camp and heard how afraid they were of him.  So here is my point, admittedly a small point considering all the great things God did in Gideon and the 300 men, but still a point that struck my heart.  God is so in control of things that when they were packing their provisions he prompted them to make sure they packed trumpets.  He knew of Gideon’s plan to use the trumpets before Gideon knew of his plan to use the trumpets because it was really God’s plan to use the trumpets all along.

This little ditty of a truth sent me on a time of recollection and meditation.  How often have I been prompted by some fleeting thought or movement of my heart to do something, or to call someone, or to email a friend, or to even pack something for a vacation that I ended up really needing and never once gave it a thought that those thoughts were from a loving God who was working a plan in my life and his kingdom?  Those were missed opportunities to see the hand of God in my life.  Usually I am pretty good at spotting the grand acts of grace in my life from God but I am realizing how often I am missing the daily graces that he sends my way.

I wonder if I miss these graces because they make my life so much easier?  I usually don’t remember situations where I needed something and it just happened to be right there for me. I remember the times when I needed something and it wasn’t there and how inconvenienced I was.  I remember the times when I couldn’t remember a Bible verse at the appropriate time.  I remember the times when I was going to call someone and I allowed myself to get too busy. God gives me so many graces each day that allow my life to run so smoothly and I think it is probably time that I recognize those as his sovereign hand of blessing.

As I was writing all of this my assistant came in and said that she was cleaning up and found a video of when my son jumped off of a fifteen foot wall and shattered his heel.  As I watched the video and thought of what I was writing I took time to remember all of the ways that God worked through that time.  Of course we thanked God for allowing my son’s heel to heal properly.  There was a chance his heel and ankle would have had to be fused but God allowed that not to happen.  But as I thought about it today I thought about all the things that fell into place so that he could stay in school, so we could travel back and forth to get him, the directing to the right doctor, times we would have just the right paperwork ready, etc.  Not sure that we ever thanked God for those little graces as we were so concerned about the larger issues.  So I took the time today to thank Him for working in all things.

So today as you’re running out of the house and suddenly remember to bring your lunch or umbrella….take the time to thank the Lord for the small graces in our lives.

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