Published on Apr 5th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

Offensive In 2002 our Vice President made a comment concerning his marriage. He said that he and his wife had made it a policy to never have dinner or a meeting with a member of the opposite sex alone. With adultery being so prevalent in our society and with being in positions of power, which is a turn on for some, they thought this policy would serve them well. He was not condemning others or saying that anyone else needed to adopt this policy. It was simply a decision his wife and he had made to keep their marriage strong. When these comments were discovered recently there was a fire storm of opposition. Some could not believe that a man in his position could have such a low view of woman. How could he put women at such a disadvantage like this? Private meetings with your boss or people of power are strategic tools for getting ahead.

What I find so disturbing about this whole scenario is that although Mike Pence professes to being a Christian, this whole thing had nothing to do with the gospel. Whether you choose to exercise the wisdom of not meeting alone with the opposite sex or not, it is not a part of the gospel. I can understand when people find the gospel offensive and they want to oppose the gospel. The gospel is offensive to those who do not believe. It points out their sin and their inability to save themselves. The gospel shouts that we are not enough and that we need someone outside of ourselves to save us. I realize that can be offensive. I can also realize why people are offended or get angry when believers speak out against specific sins. If we proclaim the truth of the Word of God about homosexuality or abortion, we are going to offend some. But what is disturbing about this fire storm is that people are angry simply because Mike Pence is living out his Christian faith in a manner that he sees as wise. People are angry at him for simply being who he is. Now I know that much of this is politically motivated and much of this is about simply trying to tear down this man because of the administration that he is part of but this attitude does seem to be growing in our country and our communities. There is such a lack of morality that anyone seeking to live morally is seen as a freak or as suppressing others.

How far have we fallen as a nation when we attack someone for trying to set boundaries that would preserve their integrity and marriage? It is not that Mike Pence will not eat dinner or have meetings with women. It is just that he will not do it alone. Can you imagine the shame and stains our country would have saved if all politicians and people in position of leadership would have kept the same rule? What is equally disturbing is what some have written about the Pence’s marriage. Some are a little weirded out that the Pence’s could be married so long and still be so close and intimate with each other. This is what seems strange to them. Strong marriages are what form the bedrock of any society and yet one writer called them “unnerving”. Any sense of morality and protection of morality is all but gone.

This is not something that we as Christians should hide from. We must continue to be salt and light in our world. We need to protect our marriages. We need to relook at principles such as the one the Pence’s have adopted so that our marriages are strong and remain the picture of Christ and the church that they were meant to be. We must also be careful about what we proclaim to be Bible and what we choose as personal conviction. Never eating dinner alone with a woman, while wise, is not a Bible principle. We cannot expect the world to understand our personal decisions to protect our lives from sin if they do not accept the sin in the first place. Our society used to hold to some residue of morality. Adultery, lying, laziness, etc was understood to be bad, even if it was still practiced. Those days are gone. Our lives, maybe more than ever, need to be lives that shine a light into the darkness. We need to be loving, kind, gentle, full of integrity, and we need to live holy lives. We need to speak the truth of the Gospel boldly while living lives that reflect that same gospel. Many will find or holy lives offensive but others will be drawn to the light and will step from death to life.

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