Obvious Faith

Published on Feb 3rd, 2016 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Obvious Faith

Obvious Faith

I just made that up…Obvious Faith.  But I think it helps describe something that we may have lost in our lives.  Obvious Faith is faith in those truths that are so obvious in the Bible that we sometimes forgot how awesome they are.  For instance, there are times when our lives get very complicated and we are not exactly sure what God is doing.  We are not sure what our next step is and so we must listen to the Spirit, read God’s word, get good advice, and then step out in faith.  That is NOT obvious faith.  Obvious faith is faith in the truths that our God is a loving God and that he is the best communicator ever so if we are going to make a wrong step he will let us know (Phil 3:15).  Those obvious truths take away much of the fear and give us confidence to move forward even when that first step is a blind step.

I was reading in the book of Esther and was amazed that even unbelievers can sometimes see those obvious truths.  Haman, the bad guy in Esther, was forced, through a number of amazing circumstances (read the book) to honor Mordecai, his Jewish enemy.  This did not sit well with Haman.  So he came home stewing and whining.  He told his wife and friends how everything got all turned upside down and how he had to honor Mordecai all through the city streets.  Listen to what his wife and friends said, “If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall, is of the Jewish people, you will not overcome him but will surely fall before him.”  Esther 6:13.  Now there is faith in some obvious truths.  You can almost hear the whole conversation, “Listen, Haman, we have heard about this and seen it before.  If things start to go right for this Jew then he has the blessing of his God.  If he has this blessing, then don’t mess with him.  You can’t win that fight.”  They were Persian unbelievers but they knew such an obvious truth.  Esther was learning that truth.  Mordecai already knew it.  We need to live by faith in that truth.

God is good.  God is all powerful.  God loves us.  God never leaves us nor forsakes us.  God knows everything about what is happening to us.  God knows the number of hairs on our heads.  God is our Father.  God has given us everything we need in the Word of God.  Obvious truths that remind us that we have a God that is for us and so who can stand against us?  What news can be so devastating or circumstances so difficult that we cannot walk in faith?  We may not see the good, we may not see an out, we may not see ourselves bouncing back too quickly but we have faith in some obvious truths that give us confidence to stand.  Our God is on our side and so we lift up tired arms and face whatever God has brought to us today.

Let me end these thoughts with some encouragement to those who hear what I am saying and the fire of their heart is stirred but the will to fight is gone.  Those tired arms are just too heavy.  You have found a safe cave to shelter you from the storms and even though there is not much joy in the cave, it seems safer than the continual fight.  You are more like Elijah after the fight on Mt. Carmel.  All he had energy to do was to hide in a cave.  He was weary and disappointed.  He thought the fight was over.  Go back and read I Kings 18,19.  Notice that God fed Elijah, gave him time to rest, and then spoke to him in a still, small voice.  There might be a time in your life when you need to rest and be nourished from God.  During that time, listen for the voice of God.  He will eventually lead you back into the battle.  That is what he did with Elijah.  But notice that God also gave him others to support him.  One of the obvious truths we miss is that God has given us others to live our lives with.  We must walk in faith that this obvious truth of the support of others is something to run to and find and not something to run from and hide.  So many had let Elijah down.  It was easy to hide.  But God was bringing others that would support and help him face the next storms in his life.  Elijah had to, by faith, walk out of the cave and walk into obedience.  We must do the same.

I like to learn new things.  I like to rearrange the furniture and change the paint colors in rooms.  I like to try different routes on routine trips.  I don’t like leftovers the next day.  The truth that God is love is not a flashy new truth.  The fact that God is all powerful is not some new unique insight that excites us.  They are the same truths that I learned in Sunday School over 50 years ago.  In some ways they are obvious truths.  But they are awesome truths.  I need to live by faith in them every day.  They speak to my heart about who my God is.  Let’s remind each other of them on a regular basis.

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