Nothing Better

Published on Apr 19th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Nothing Better

Nothing Better I am pretty sure that you had the same experience I did this past Sunday. Church was just amazing. There is nothing better when the Church comes together in unity, passion, and love. It is simply the best taste of heaven we can have while we are still here on earth. Paul says in Galatians 6:6, “Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches.” The word for share is the same root word that we get the word “fellowship” from. Paul is not only talking about sharing physical gifts with those who teach but he is talking about this relationship being a mutual relationship. That those who teach and who are taught view this as a shared experienced where both play an active role. It was one of the things that happened so beautifully on Sunday. So many people made a special effort to be there Sunday. They had purchased special outfits to wear. They dressed alike as a family and took family pictures. They looked forward to coming and seeing each other. Most people just seemed to have that extra little bounce in their step. Our church even came together early and ate breakfast together. So many took the time to make quiches, french toast casseroles, and cut up fresh fruit. It was a time to share with others what God has given to us. When we worshiped we did so with glad hearts and with a readiness to give to God. We taught with fervor and we listened with open hearts.

It didn’t stop there. So many people were able to use their spiritual gifts on Sunday. Whether it was setting up for the breakfast, or singing in the choir, or running sound, or ushering, or helping those who chose to be baptized, or teaching the children...there was certainly a great deal of shared ministry happening on Sunday. But not just Sunday. We had a special Good Friday worship service where so many put a great deal of time in preparation in order to share the gospel with the gifts that the Spirit has given them. You would think that two services in one weekend would bring weariness but the opposite seemed to happen. While some were tired their hearts were full and it brought an energy and desire to minister more. Top all that off with witnessing fellow believers choosing to be obedient to Christ in the waters of baptism and praying for others to come to know Christ and the weekend was just about perfect. Honestly nothing better than a good day being the Church of God.

I suppose that the next thing that I write should be an encouragement to make every Sunday as special as Sunday was. It would be nice. Rather than dragging into church we plan our weekend around worshiping together. Each Sunday we act less like consumers and more like co-laborers. But I’d rather spend more time relishing in the truth that for the most part we got Sunday right. We should be more amazed by that than we are. Only God could take a group of sinners like us and give us one mind, one purpose, and one joy. It cost Jesus his life to give us the opportunity to function like this and our hearts should be overwhelmed with the privilege we had to live like we did on Sunday. Often people ask me what I think it will be like in heaven and the best answer I can give is to point them to a Sunday like Easter Sunday. What amazes me is that this beautiful time was still flawed. There were some whose hearts were elsewhere. I heard a complaint or two. Some were disappointed that their acts of service were not recognized more by people. A couple folks were not too thrilled with choir music and chose to make light of it rather than be moved to worship by the message of the songs. But those few were out shined by the many. And it was so beautiful. I cannot imagine heaven when our worship will be perfect and our efforts will be pure and Jesus will be physically there. The privilege of being a part of that is so very humbling.

Until then I will be continually amazed every time we gather together as the church. Our percentage of those who are less consumers and more fellow laborers may be fewer than on Easter Sunday but they will still be there. I want to choose to see that beauty each week and be amazed at what God has done through Jesus in our lives. We may be flawed and our worship may be inconsistent, at best, but it is still there and it is a beautiful thing.

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