Not an Obedience Problem

Published on Feb 10th, 2016 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Not an Obedience Problem

Not an Obedience Problem

In Isaiah 6, the prophet Isaiah is given a glimpse of the throne room of heaven.  John 12:41 tells us that Isaiah saw Jesus.  Isaiah’s response was, “Here am I, send me.”  Paul, on the road to Damascus saw a great light and spoke to Jesus.  His response in Acts 22:10 was, “What shall I do, Lord?”  A great vision of the glory of Jesus brought an immediate response of obedience from both Isaiah and Paul.  When you think about it, what other response could they have had?

If our eyes are not fixed on the glory of Jesus then where are they fixed?  Think about the Garden of Eden.  Paradise. Everything was perfect and the glory of God was shining everywhere.  God walked with man.  Then Satan tempted Eve.  What did he tempt her with?  He tempted her with taking her eyes off of the glory of God and placing them on herself.  Satan told her she could gain wisdom.  But she was walking with God and He is wisdom.  Listen to what Paul Tripp says in his book Awe, “What kind of wisdom captured her awe?  The serpent was selling Eve autonomous wisdom, that is, wisdom that would no longer depend on God as its source.”  Eve set her eyes on that kind of wisdom and took them off of God.  When we disobey, we take our eyes off of the glory of God and place them on something that will deliver what we believe God cannot or is not delivering.  We stop being overwhelmed by the glory of God and place ourselves in the center of the universe.  That is why our children will, at times, disobey us and get involved in things that are ultimately destructive in their lives.  They are not simply self destructive as much as they are believing a lie.  They believe that what they are doing will achieve for them that which they are chasing.  They are no different from us.  We disobey, not simply to be rebellious, but we believe that our disobedience will result in us getting what we desire.  However, when we see the glory of Jesus, as Isaiah and Paul did, then we see that he is the source of all we need.  Our response will be just like theirs… “Here am I, what do you want me to do?”

This has huge implications for parenting.  Do you spend most of your time trying to teach your children the dangers of certain activities?  Certainly, there is a time and place for that kind of teaching.  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial though, to show your children the glories of Jesus every day?  Living our lives with our eyes fixed on Jesus is more than simply looking away from sin.  It is about living in awe of him every day.

Here are some great gifts from God to help us be in awe.

  1. Creation. “The heavens declare the glory of God” Ps 19:1.  Take time to be outdoors.  To stop and smell the roses and be amazed as to why God would give them a unique and beautiful smell.  Go outside at night, pick a section of the sky, and try to name each star.  Be in awe of how God knows the name of each star.  Watch the birds.  Be careful to see the providential care of God.
  1. Bible. Be amazed at the time it took to write the Bible, the number of writers, and the consistent message the Bible has.  Study the Bible with the knowledge that God wrote it for you.  He reveals himself in the Word of God.  Don’t read the Bible to simply know how to live or be obedient.  Study the Word of God to see what it reveals about God and about life itself.  Be amazed at how accurate the Bible is about life.
  1. Incarnation and Work. Do you really want to see the glory of God?  Become an expert in what the cross really accomplished.  Allow yourself to be totally immersed in the love of God as seen in the coming of Jesus. Do not allow what you think God is not doing today to rob you of what God has done for you on the cross.
  1. Others. That card that came at just the right time is not simply the love of a friend but is a work of God specifically for you.  That friend who calls at the wrong time all the time?  That is God reminding you of how you act toward him but his response is always patience and love.  Be in awe of the work of God in the hearts of other people.

Disobedience is more than simply an act of rebellion.  Disobedience is a lack of awe of God.  Work hard today at seeing Jesus and being overwhelmed by his glory and see if that doesn’t take your taste away from that which is contrary to the law of God.

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