Not a Hint

Published on Jul 19th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Not a Hint

Not a Hint Sometimes the Holy Spirit just lets you have it. I mean right between the eyes. In a loving way he seems to cut you right to your very core. I had just talked to a friend about a movie. He was telling me what a good movie it was and part of the story line. I was getting excited about seeing the movie and then I asked him if there was any bad parts. I can handle some things but others cross the line and seeing the movie is just not worth the mental sin images. He hesitated as he thought and then he said something that bothered me. He said, “No, there are no bad parts. Not that I can remember. Just two scenes with some nudity.” It was at that moment that I brought out the iron that sharpens iron. “How can you say there are no bad scenes but there are two scenes with nudity? Not just nudity but sexual nudity. That is the very definition of a bad scene. If those do not constitute a bad scene then what are we going to define as a bad scene.” I certainly did a fine job of busting his chops and I am sure that somewhere in the conversation I changed into more of a self righteous human Holy Spirit than I was a good friend but it was an eye opening time.

Paul says in Ephesians 5:3, “But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you.” Some translations read, “not a hint of immorality”. I am not sure exactly what the Greek says but I am pretty sure that two scenes with nudity is more than a hint. I was pretty convicted about what I have let into my life and I believe my friend was also. He really was shocked by his own assessment of that movie and what he had allowed himself to watch. We live in a culture that is obsessed with sex and if we are not careful we will allow those mentalities to slowly creep into our lives.

I was speaking with another friend about a mutual friend who was not walking in obedience in this area. When I mentioned that I was surprised at the behavior his response to me was pretty flippant. He said, “Formerly married couples, even Christians, just do not think that sleeping together is a big deal.” I wish I could say I responded in a proper manner but I just agreed as I realized, in my flesh, how hard that it would be to be obedient. Somewhere along the line we have moved far from “not a hint”.

If you want to become sick to your stomach, and who doesn’t, talk to your teens about what it is like on the bus or in their school. Allow them to speak freely and openly with you about what is openly discussed in their schools. One young Junior Higher dropped my jaw as she spoke candidly about her friends goal to try and stay a half virgin. That was not just one friend but all of her friends in the class. I can’t even begin to describe to you what it meant to be a half virgin. Another girl in high school shared with her mom that she is the only one on her bus that does not identify as bisexual. It is hard for me to imagine what our teens are facing each day and then God holds them to “not a hint”.

God knows of the destructive nature of non marriage sex. It is not only dangerous physically but the emotional and relational scars are enormous. God knows, because he created us, of harm that this kind of intimacy, designed to be between one man and one woman, can bring to people who disobey his loving laws. He is not a cosmic kill joy but he loves us enough to want to protect us from our out of control desires.

Not a hint” is a high standard. It is the standard that God has given to us. Without being self righteous prudes we need to find our way back to that standard. We need to commit with Job to make a covenant with our eyes (Job 31:1). Jesus calls for radical amputation if we cannot control our eyes (Matt 5:29). We need to commit to fixing our eyes so much on Jesus that they have no other place to look. If we find that we can watch a movie that has two nude scenes in it and we still believe that it is not a bad movie...maybe we better reevaluate what “not a hint” means.

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