Moral but not Constitutional

Published on Sep 6th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Moral but not Constitutional

Moral but not Constitutional Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia used to say that he wished he had a rubber stamp on his desk that said, “Stupid, but not unconstitutional”. His point was that many things that came across his desk or before him in the Supreme Court were stupid laws or rulings but they were not unconstitutional. Therefore, the Court should not rule on them but should leave them to the political process. This principle also refers to things that are right or moral but may not be constitutional. It may be right or moral to allow children who are born here in the United States, but whose parents are here illegally, to stay and become citizens of the only land they have known but that does not mean it is allowed by our Constitution. It may be moral and right but not constitutional. To simply allow what is not constitutional would undercut all authority in our country. The solution would be to change the laws and our Constitution so that they reflect the kindness and generosity our country always has had. As great a document that our Constitution is, it is not perfect.

In the meantime, people suffer from not knowing how their lives will be affected. Arguments on both sides, while trying to stick the law and not make it personal, are very personal. People are hurt. People are portrayed as cruel when they are simply trying to do things the right way. Laws have been broken and those innocent are being asked to pay the price. What complicates these things, even more, is that this sensitive issue becomes more about optics and politics than it does about the people who are most affected. It is a mess.

Here is where my mind went. This is not so with the truths of the Word of God. The Bible is a perfect, complete, and God breathed gift for our lives. When properly applied, the Word of God brings peace, grace, mercy, and calmness to life. The Bible gives us solid ground for our lives. Its truths are eternal and are as fresh today as they day they were written. When obeyed and applied correctly they bring peace and keep us from harming ourselves and others. Although the truths of the Word are often contrary to our way of thinking, they should be trusted and obeyed. They are from our Creator who loves us enough to share with us his wisdom for living.

We may be tempted, from time to time, to try and adjust the teachings of the Word according to our view of what is happening around us in the world. We may buy into the lie that the Bible is an archaic book and it does not speak to the modern days in which we live. The principles that God lays out may look like they will cause more problems than they will solve. We are tempted to compromise those principles to bring temporary peace to a current situation. Be assured, though, that the temporary peace will, in the long run, bring greater strife and will hurt more people than it helps. God knows us way better than we know ourselves.

I love our country and I pray that our leaders will do what is right and moral. But the messes we see all around us are due to man trying to govern in the wisdom of man. May our lives reflect a greater stability that shines light into darkness and gives us opportunities to share the gospel with many. That stability only comes from a trust and obedience to the Word of God.

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