Ministry Tune Up

Published on Feb 8th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Ministry Tune Up

Ministry Tune Up This is written for all of those who are involved in ministering to others. I had a friend who used to get on me for using the word ministry because it is not a word we often use today. He wanted me to use serve, share our lives with, help, mentor, etc. So if you are put off by the word minister then replace it with any word you find suitable. But I digress. Ministry (serving others, mentoring, discipling, etc) can be a challenge. I was reading in Galatians 4:12-20 and the Holy Spirit really spoke to my heart about some of the heart attitudes and challenges of ministering. I hope they speak to your heart today also. In verse 12 Paul shares how he imitated Christ in his incarnation and became just like the Galatians. This is such an important part of sharing Christ and ministering to others. I understand why some folks want to take a stand and proudly shout how they will not and did not watch the Super Bowl. That certainly is your right but you probably just cut yourself off from ministering to about one hundred million people. Your counter-cultural attitude does not help further the kingdom of Christ and probably makes it harder for you to share the gospel. I have sat and listened to hours upon hours of information that I originally had no interest in. You do that because you are interested in that person and hoping they will then listen to your ten minutes of Biblical truth.

In verse 13-16 Paul shares how he was once loved by the Galatians but he has now become their enemy because he has shared with them the truth of God. That is so hard in ministry, isn’t it? People are ok with you as long as you tickle their ears with things they want to hear but once you speak the difficult truths of the Word of God they sometimes turn on you. You wish they would simply disagree with you but they accuse you of being their enemy and the relationship is ruined. I know of too many people who stop serving because this pain is so difficult. Paul was so moved by the love of God that he continually put himself out there for others.

In verses17-20 Paul speaks of how false teachers make much of the Galatians so that they will, in turn, make much of the false teachers. The false teachers even go out of their way to cut them off from the truths of the gospel so that the Galatians will be dependent on them. Paul then shares how the grace and acceptance of God have set Paul free so that he can encourage others to seek God and not Paul. Paul’s great desire was to see them conformed to the image of Christ. I was so moved by this. At times, in ministry, we take our eyes off of our position in Christ and we seek to gain from others what we can only gain in Christ. Our ministry becomes a love fest between the two of us rather than a pointing to Jesus. We encourage each other but we fail to encourage in the truths that can truly bring wholeness. We walk away with a temporary feeling of acceptance and joy rather than with the eternal truth that we are accepted by God through Christ. Ministry can never be about us but must always be about the one who has brought us life.

This passage was used by the Spirit of God to give me a little tune up this morning as I seek to minister in the Kingdom of God. I pray that these words do the same for you today.

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