Our goal at JBC is to provide opportunities for growth in the Lord Jesus Christ.  These ministries are designed for all ages and levels of growth in Christ.  We would encourage you to look around our site and become familiar with what JBC has to offer.  We also would like to recommend that you visit any of our ministries because we believe a web site cannot fully demonstrate what God is doing in each ministry.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

If God would lead you to be involved at JBC we want to exhort you, right from the beginning, to use the gifts that God has given you.  We strongly believe that God has gifted each and every believer.  We do not want anyone to waste those gifts.

God has gifted us in so many ways.  One of those gifts is that we are able to speak with Him at any time. As his children, He encourages us to pray for one another.  If we can pray for you, in any way, then please feel free to share what God is laying on your heart and we will bring it before his throne of grace.