Published on Jan 23rd, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

Last week I was sitting in church, and because I am somewhat responsible for the order of service I knew that our song leader was in charge of taking a few moments to recognize and honor those who have been taken from us through abortion.  So when he began to lead us as a congregation to turn our hearts and minds toward this remembrance, I was not taken by surprise and because we had spoken earlier I even knew what he was going to say.  What I was not prepared for was my response.  I suddenly lost my breath and found that I was on the verge of sobbing.  I had heard all of the statistics before, and I have certainly felt the weight of this holocaust before; but this sudden emotional outburst and outcry of my heart to God on behalf of the unborn took me by surprise.  I spent a moment or two in silent prayer, wiped the tears from my eyes, and began to focus on the rest of the service and my role in it.  Later, when I was able to spend some quiet time with myself and God, I began to think through and inquire of God what had happened in the service.


Romans 8:26 says when we do not know what to pray that the Spirit intercedes for us and prays for us.  Romans 5:5 shares that the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Spirit of God.  Before the service, as I do every service, I prayed that the Spirit of God would open my heart and mind to hear from God.  When our song leader shared what he believed God was leading him to share concerning abortion, the Holy Spirit, who is abiding in me, reacted through me.  That sudden gasp and emotional response was the Holy Spirit jolting my heart and mind awake to the truths that break his heart.  His great pain became my great pain.  His heart breaks so my heart breaks.  As Jesus wept over Jerusalem we weep over our country who has chosen to abort millions of it’s own children.


It is important for us to continually open our hearts and minds to the work of the Holy Spirit of God.  We spend so much of our lives filling our ears with background music and noise.  That noise often becomes so loud that we fail to hear from God.  Our personal quiet time and regular corporate worship are essential times to de-clutter our minds and hear from God.  I was not expecting to hear from God in the way that I did this past Sunday but I was quiet before God, was obedient in where I should have been at that time, and had opened my heart to hear…then God spoke and I was ready to hear.  My prayer is that we as believers hear from God and faithfully preach the gospel so that in years to come we may rejoice in revival sweeping America and the killing of innocent children being a distant bad memory.

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