Men Crying

Published on Apr 26th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Men Crying

Men Crying I saw several men crying this past Sunday. It was one of the most moving worship experiences that I have ever experienced. It was a living example of Romans 12:15, “weep with those who weep”. It was genuine love. A member of our church had a heavy heart and our folks love for her and her family moved them to weep with her. Her niece was in a car accident and her nine year son was killed. His family, in a great act of love and sacrifice, was donating his body to help six other children in need. We do not know the niece and have never met the little boy but our hearts broke due to our love of the one we do know and the sadness and loss that they felt.

I was so moved by the compassion of all of our people but especially our men. They often hide their feelings. The work of the Spirit of God upon their hearts to not only be moved with compassion but to show that love with tears was an amazing testimony of how the Lord knits the hearts of his people together. Those small tears, that catch in the throat, and that moment of silence to try and collect themselves, was used by God to bring great comfort to those who were hurting. It was a great example of bearing the burdens of each other.

I am painfully aware of how often we as a church get it wrong. I live everyday in the physical building of our church. I spend the majority of my life in the midst of the church. One older pastor once told me that he thought the majority of pastoral ministry was spent putting out one fire after another. I soon learned that he was the cause of many of the fires...but he wasn’t entirely wrong. It’s understandable, we are human beings trying to live with one another. We often get it wrong. But the beauty of the church, as I wrote last week, is that from time to time, we get it right. The Lord works on our lives and changes us in such amazing ways that, at times, we reflect the beauty and love of the Lord. There is no other organization on earth that can do that. When it happens, as it did this past Sunday, there is nothing more beautiful on this side of heaven.

Maybe we need to stop being so embarrassed for our churches with all of their flaws. Maybe we need to recognize that when we get it right there is no brighter light that shines in this world’s darkness. Maybe we need to learn to rejoice more when we do get it right. When God demonstrates his love through us we need to stop and understand just how awesome that truly is. For grown men to be moved to tears because one of our own was hurting is evidence of changed lives. Lives that have been made new so that they can bring glory to God. My worship this past week was a little more focused. The tears being shed were a great reminder of the great work that God is doing in so many lives. Last week’s Easter service was special. As it always is. This week I was reminded of the truth of the resurrection by seeing my brother’s new hearts on display. Can’t wait for next week.

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