Master Passions

Published on Sep 30th, 2015 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Master Passions
Master Passions

The Holy Spirit has been bombarding my heart with a few thoughts and
verses lately.  In Luke 9:23 Jesus says, “If anyone would come
after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow
me.”  I recently heard a great sermon by John MacArthur about how
we have softened the word that is used in the NT for following
Christ.  We have changed it to servant when it should be slave.  I
then found myself meditating on what Jesus said in the Sermon on the
Mount, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the
one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise
the other.  You cannot serve God and money.” (Matt 6:24).  I
realized that I do not often think of my life in terms of being under
a master.  I know Jesus said that he no longer calls us servants but
friends (Jn 15:15) but the NT consistently uses the word for slave to
describe us (the word is doulos and it is used 130 times in NT. 
While it can be translated servant, there are 6 other words for
servant and only this one word for slave.  Why not use one of the six
words for servant if that is what you are trying to convey?  Our
English translations soften the word to make it more palatable for us
because of our view of slaves vs. the Roman view of slaves.  That is
why Jesus can call someone who is his slave, his friend.  Different
role in Rome.  Read, Slaves for Christ, a message by John MacArthur
for further information).

If you think about it enough I believe
you will begin to see how often we allow our lives to be controlled
by many things instead of Christ.  We
have all had times in our lives when we have become very passionate
about something.  We find that our thoughts become increasingly
centered around that which we are passionate about.  Our
conversations seem to always drift toward that which is occupying our
thoughts.  We soon find that other things in our lives, even
important things, are neglected just a little bit (although at first
our new found passion brings enthusiasm to all things, we find that
we can only be passionate about one thing at a time).  If we allow
the Holy Spirit to speak to our lives he shares with us the truth in
Matt 6...we cannot serve two masters.  We find that while we love the
one thing we act in an unloving manner to the other.  We neglect.  We
put off.  We get annoyed.  We accuse. We feel pulled into too many
directions.  We decide that we must do what is best for us.  This
happens ever time because Jesus was correct...we cannot serve two

It is amazing what can become our masters.  Many things grab our hearts
and become the center focus of who we are.  They can be very good
things and we would never consider them sin but if they take the
center focus of our lives, rather than the God of heaven, then we are
serving a master that will draw us away from our Savior.  These
things can include families, careers, homes, recreation, diets,
driven exercise, driven relaxation, books, video games, etc, etc.  It
can be astonishing when the Holy Spirit reveals to us what we have
allowed to be the center of our lives.  We find ourselves ashamed as
to what we chose to worship rather than our God.  I know those are
strong words but that is exactly what happens.  We begin to worship
that which we love and are passionate about.  Slowly we become the
center of our lives and the warning of Jesus comes man can
serve two masters.

So many times we start out with the proper motivation.  We want to
glorify God and so we are moved to lose a few pounds or to spend more
time with our families or to work harder and do our best at work. We
desire to do these things for the glory of God and if we are not
careful the “doing” can capture our hearts and begin to drive us.
 We like the recognition we get from losing a few pounds or spending
more time with our families.  We love the 'attaboys we are receiving.
 The positive feedback can be addicting.  Soon we are driven to
center more and more of our life around that which is providing this
feedback.  It does not take long before we are at the center and
God's glory is pushed to nothing more than an add on statement, “Of
course, all things are for the glory of God”.  But the statement of
truth that Jesus made will always come true...we will soon despise or
hate the one true master and love and be devoted to the wrong master.
 Our hearts, schedules, conversations, thoughts, passions, neglects,
will manifest that change.

Allow the Spirit of God to plow your heart today.  No man can serve two
masters.  Whose slave our you today?

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