Little Stuff

Published on Feb 1st, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Little Stuff

Little Stuff Today will probably be a day just like any other day. So many of our days our like that. They are not days that we will remember for very long. They kind of just run into each other. They will be made up of hundreds of little things that string together to make up our lives. Sometimes though, when a number of those little things string together it only takes one more little thing to send us over the edge. Next thing you know you are crying out like that little Geico gecko, “Oh no, I have a flat tire”. You need to see the commercial. He is very dramatic. Normally those kinds of things do not bother us but for some reason, on this particular day, they become a big deal. They become the last thing in a string of a myriad of circumstances that our weary self wants to lash out at. We probably know that it is not that big of a deal but we want everyone around us to know that we are done. We want God to know that we have had enough. It is probably the first time we communicated with God about all of those little things. We struggle to bring to God all of our daily happenings. After all, we are called to bear our own burdens. They are little and easy to handle ourselves (until they aren’t). Even though the Bible encourages us to bring these little things to him when it tells us to pray without ceasing we still don’t want to bother God. One of the problems of this thinking is that we do not have a big enough God. My God is so big that anything I bring him is a little thing so why not tell him about everything? Why not seek what he is trying to teach me in all things?

In II Kings 6 we see the interest of God in the little things. The students of Elisha are concerned because the place where they live is too small. They want to go down to the Jordan, find some logs, bring them back and build a new place. Elisha thought this was a good idea. He would have some quiet time and they would be productive. Then one of the students realized that no matter what they were doing it was good to have Elisha along so they asked him to accompany them. There goes his quiet day! As they were cutting the logs one of the men lost the head of his ax in the Jordan river. In the passage it says that ax head was borrowed but it could mean that it was was prayed for earnestly and God had provided for it. Either way this guy was upset and he told Elisha about it. Elisha cut a stick, asked where it fell in, threw the stick on the water, and the ax head floated to the surface so that the man could retrieve it. Just another day in the life of Elisha and his students! Here is what I learn here. The students asked Elisha the obvious. Our place is too small, we need to build, we need logs, the Jordan is the place to get them, we will do the work is no brainer and yet they ask Elisha. They even ask Elisha to go with them on this work day. When a tool breaks, as they will, they come to Elisha. What is he supposed to do? If they do not think it is safe to dive into the water then why ask Elisha? Yet, their dependance on Elisha is rewarded. Do you think the one who lost the ax head was the same one who asked Elisha to come? Why were they so dependent on Elisha? They recognized that God was with Elisha. That recognition caused them to come to Elisha about every little thing in their lives. They did not want to make a move without hearing from Elisha. Without hearing from God. Every step they took that day was under the leadership of Elisha. They desired for Elisha to be with them every step of the day. So when a problem arose that they could not handle, Elisha was right there to solve what they could not solve.

Today you woke up and did your morning routine. You probably then went about doing what you normally do. We are blessed to have the indwelling presence of God in us at all times. How much of a recognition of that great truth effected your life today? Did you seek his guidance? His safety? His wisdom through the Word? Did you pray that your interaction with the barista would be pleasant and God honoring? Did you ask that today would be a good day of productive work so that your boss would look good? Did you invite him into your lunch time? Did you ask him how you could be a better dad today? Did you seek his strength in the daily routine so that there is no last straw?

I am pretty sure that Elisha may have had days where he became weary of the constant neediness of his students for his presence. God is just the opposite. He chose to indwell us so that he could be with us 24/7 and help us with all little and big things in our lives. Choose to let him.

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