Letters of Recommendation

Published on Sep 20th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation Paul shares with the people of Corinth that they are his letters of recommendation. In II Cor 3, Paul addresses the issue of having to present letters of recommendation or reference for his ministry. He reminds the people of Corinth that they are his letters of recommendation. They have been changed by the Holy Spirit through the work of Christ. God had allowed Paul to present the truth of the gospel to the Corinthians and so their changed hearts were his letter of reference. In the midst of defending his ministry, Paul changes gears just a little bit, and he says this, “And you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us...” (II Cor 3:3). Not only are the Corinthians a letter of reference for Paul but they are a letter from Christ that Paul had the privilege of delivering. The Corinthians, and subsequently us, are letters of recommendation from Christ. We are used by God to recommend Christ and the gospel to other people.

I have been blown away by this for the past several days. When God wants to introduce Christ to others he uses us as part of his introduction and recommendations. It reminds me of when God put Job right in the crosshairs of Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?” (Job 1:8). Do you want to see my power and glory to change a man? Then look at Job. Do you want to see my forgiveness, grace, and mercy? Have a good look at Ed Hlad. He is one of my forgiven. Have you considered Bob? He is a living example of my grace in action.

Today, in your workplace, you might have a person or two whom God is drawing to himself. He is beginning to open the eyes of their hearts to see the truth of the gospel. Part of his plan is to have them cross your paths so that they see what a changed life in Christ looks like. He uses us to recommend the gospel to others. He places us before them to make the gospel appealing and he uses us to draw people to himself. I find that so appealing and exciting.

In II Cor 3 and 4, Paul cannot make it any clearer that his ministry and his life is all because of the work of God in his life. Elsewhere Paul teaches us that it is God who has begun a good work in us and it is God who continues that work and it is God who will complete that work. Later in II Cor 3, Paul teaches us that, like Moses, we shine with the glory of God. I certainly must make choices of holiness but the work of being “light into darkness” is the work of God. Ezekiel 36:27, while speaking of the New Covenant, promises that God will cause us to walk in obedience to him. This amazing work that God is doing in us becomes a work that he does through us. Lives are changed because he has made us his letters of recommendation.

I have written many letters of recommendation. Most often, I never know what effect my letters have had on the hiring process. Even if the person gets the job, I do not know if my letter helped or not. God has chosen to use us as his letters of recommendation to others. Sometimes, like Paul with the Corinthians, he allows us to deliver the letters. Often times, though, we may never know how our lives have been used by God to draw others to himself. But we can trust his word and walk through today in holiness with an assurance by God that he is using us. That changes the way we look at today.

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