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Today is a big manly day at our church.  We are pouring the cement for half of our new courtyard at church.  (please insert Tim Allen grunt in here)  I want to be able to help but I do not pour concrete every day.  In fact the last time I was involved in pouring concrete was during a summer job in college when the couple I was doing weeding for was pouring a basement at their new house.  They miscalculated the floor dimensions or something and instead of pouring four inches we were pouring eight inches of concrete.  That meant wheeling a number of wheel barrels full of concrete through eight inches of concrete, around a narrow gap that went around a corner, to fill a hole that was right beside where the hot tub hole was going to be.  Needless to say while turning the corner I found myself dumping a few extra loads into the hot tub hole as the concrete in the wheel barrel shifted and then the wheel would get stuck in the eight inches of concrete.  The man who was doing the finish work in the hot tub hole would then shout some instructions to me about how to wheel cement and how I would need to come dig out the next one I dumped into his hole.  He did all of this while using words that I never knew existed.  I am sure that he was simply interested in my growth and well being as a future cement worker.  I decided then that God may be calling me into ministry.  But today I might have the chance to redeem myself!!  Here was part of my dilemma though.  I had no shoes to wear to this project.  I haven’t even worn socks, except on Sunday, in a month or two!!  I no longer have a pair of work boots and I don’t believe my Crocs will work too well.  I have work shoes but…I was not feeling very manly.  I found some hiking boots and put them on and then some old shorts and then I looked down.  My brother and sister received all of the Italian genes and I seemed to receive all of the Boemian genes.  They are nice and tan and I look like I just wintered in Siberia for the past 52 years.  My legs look like two pieces of white rope with a knot tied in the middle.    Needles to say I was not feeling very confident as I walked out of the house but hey, I am 52 years old this stuff doesn’t bother me anymore!  Maybe someone will come in for counseling and I can hide in my office during the pour.


I then came into my office and began to read my Bible.  I was encouraged by reading about God’s providence and then just burst out laughing as God used his Word to give me a little jab in the ribs.  Listen to what I read, “He does not delight in the strength of horses, He takes no pleasure in the legs of man.  The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those whose hope in his mercy.”  Ps 147:10,11.    I couldn’t stop smiling as I pictured my Father in Heaven smiling as he gave me this little jab of encouragement.  Pouring concrete today may not be the comfort zone that I am used to and I may look a bit out of place in my hiking boots, golf shirt and white rope legs but like the rest of the men there today, we are pleasing in the sight of God because of the work of Jesus in our lives who has given us a fear of God and hope in his mercy.  That outweighs my short comings every day.


Today, as I probably dump concrete in the wrong places and my legs blind the other men as the sun reflects off of them, I will proclaim that I am simply trying to be an example of how God does not delight in the strength of horses and he does not take pleasure in the legs of man.  Think it will keep the other men from giving me a hard time?  Yeah, I don’t think so either but I thank the Lord for his Word and his jab of encouragement today.  It was if my heavenly Father and I had a nice chuckle together.

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