It is Just Natural

Published on Jul 26th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
It is Just Natural

It is Just Natural I am pretty sure that I will be misunderstood in this blog but I am going to try and share my thoughts anyway. Let me try and lay some groundwork that hopefully will keep the misunderstandings at a minimum. It is clear to me that the Bible teaches that homosexuality and being transgender is against the plan of God and is sin. It is also very clear to me that we are to be loving, patient, and gracious to all people. It is abundantly clear that the Bible teaches that the most important need in our lives is not to clean up individual sins but to allow God to bring us new life and to reconcile with the Father. Therefore my dealings with those who are caught in any sin should be to first speak to their hearts about their need of a Savior and then to allow the Spirit of God to do what he does best in their lives through the Word of God.

What happened the other days was that I was watching a TV show and was interested in how a panel of judges was dealing with the different acts. I have watched this show in past years and it was pretty evident that those acts that were performed by those who were blurring the lines between the sexes were judged more on their blurring the lines than they were on their talent. It seemed to me that the judges were working very hard to not look as if they were against the blurred lines and so they bent over backwards trying to like the act. One judge though, who does not mind being the bad guy, said the act was poor and voted in favor of other acts. He was the only one who seemed honest with himself.

I understand the human reaction. If we believe that some race or group of people have been persecuted then we may go overboard in our desire to make sure that it does not continue to happen. We may show greater patience or be more tolerate of their actions. A parent often does that with a child who they believe is being treated unfairly by another parent. They may allow that child to get away with things they would have never allowed their other children to get away with.

I believe I also saw something more in this little incident. It is something I see in how vehement many are in not only living their lifestyle but in trying to convince others that their lifestyle is normal. It is a truth found in I Corinthians 11:14,15, “Does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears long hair it is a disgrace for him, but if a woman has long hair, it is for her glory?” It is a very complicated verse. What we have to keep in mind is that the principle that Paul is teaching is that there is a difference between the sexes. He gives many reasons in the rest of the passage for that principle. One of the reasons is stated in these verses. Even nature teaches us that there is a difference. That is the principle. It is natural for us to know that there is a difference in the sexes. The application of that principle in Corinth, at that time, was the length of hair. That culture lived the principle of difference by distinguishing between what a woman’s hair looked like and what a man’s hair looked like. We are to know the principle but not worry about the application. This is not about how long someones hair is but it is about the principle of the difference of the sexes. The point for this blog is that Paul teaches that it is natural to think there is a difference. What I saw in this show and what I see in the vehement desire by many for me to accept their lifestyle is that what they want goes against nature and so we must fight the natural urge to say that it is wrong.

I think that most people would agree with this. I am glad for this because it is not my principle but God’s. What we will disagree about is that they will say that the reason we feel this way is that our culture has been prudish and has taught us to feel that it is wrong. We have oppressed people who are different and have made them hide. We are now, as a society, progressing and allowing these folks to come out of the closet. This was the same process for those races that others thought were inferior and less than persons. They are right about the races. That was horrible and the Bible was the first to say that all men and women are e qual. But I would disagree that feelings about the differences in the sexes is cultural. I believe what Paul said under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is natural to think that the sexes are different. Not unequal but different. In each culture we may have different ways of expressing that difference but the principle is in our hearts. For me, it is so cool to see the Bible addressing our lives in such an insightful way. It truly is the Word of God.

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