I Got Out of Bed

Published on Nov 15th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
I Got Out of Bed

I Got Out of Bed Psalm 139 tells me that God knows every time I stand up and every time I sit down. He knows the kind of day we are having. He is intimately aware of all that is happening in our lives. I Corinthians 3 and II Corinthians 5 tell us that one day we will, as believers, stand before the Bema Seat of Christ. This is a time of reward for those deeds done here on earth. We are rewarded with gold, silver, and precious stones, for all of those deeds done for the glory of God and his kingdom. Those deeds done for ourselves, wood, hay and stubble, will be burned up by fire. I believe that every believer will experience a fire way bigger than they would desire. We are often selfish and make our lives more about us than about Christ. We are accumulating tons of wood, hay, and stubble. But I also believe that our God, in his grace and mercy, gifts us way beyond all we can ask or think. So, when the smoke clears from our huge pile of self seeking, we will be left with a pile of gold, silver, and precious stones that will take our breath away. We will, once again, be reminded of the amazing grace our God bestows upon us. I was reminded of this yesterday.

Yesterday was my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. It was a weepy day for my mom. My dad has gone before her into heaven. The day got a little worse as her little dog became pretty ill and the thought of sorrow upon sorrow became more difficult. On top of that her daughter had to remind her two boys that it was their parents wedding anniversary. When I contacted my mom she admitted it was a weepy day but she also believed that tomorrow would be better. Tomorrow would be another day to serve others.

So what about anniversary day? Is that a day of wood, hay, and stubble because it became a weepy day? I don’t think so. Being weepy on a day like that is being human. We grieve with hope but we still grieve. For my mom, and maybe thousands like her, the only obedience yesterday that could be mustered was the obedience to get out of bed, get dressed, and survive the day. I believe that act of obedience, and thousands of others just like that, are what God smiles at and rewards. For my mom, yesterday was full of gold, silver, and precious stones. Today, which will be a less weepy day, will be full of it’s own opportunities to build the pile of treasures that we will give back to Jesus.

What if each day we faithfully go off to work to provide for our families is rewarded by God? What if each prayer we pray is rewarded by God? What if each kind word, each time we open a door for someone, or each time we offer a smile, or refuse to be rude back, is rewarded by God? God is a God who looks for reasons to bless us. He is a loving Father who makes up excuses to reward his children. Maybe today is such a dark day that the only thing you can muster is to get out of bed and get dressed. Praise the Lord for that obedience. Maybe tomorrow you can take another step to bring glory to the Father. He is pleased with every step of obedience we take and he richly blesses each step. We will have piles of gold, silver, and precious stones that will overwhelm our hearts to worship and bring glory to our good father.

I hope this little blog helps because my mother is going to kill me for sharing her weepy day. But if you write her and tell her how this has helped you, it might get me off the hook. Look her up on facebook...Mary Hlad.

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