I Am One of Those Guys

Published on May 2nd, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

My daughter is coming home tomorrow night for a short stay.  She lives 6 hours away and is coming home for a baby shower that a friend of hers and my wife are throwing her.  I have begun to realize what it really means to see one of your children just a few times a year.  Even those few times are often cut short as I watch my weekend, and hers, fill up with commitments we must keep.  We will have to do our best to squeeze in times where we can share our lives with one another.

I realized I am one of those guys now.  You know who they are.  There the ones who want to preach to you about how your kids grow up so fast so you must treasure every minute with them!  Let me tell you, they were so right.  I remember many times my daughter asking if we could do “family night” tonight. Many times we did but too often we said we were too tired and we would play games or spend time later. Opportunities missed that you which you had back.  Certainly we have game times now, and they are wonderful, but the joy of Candy Land is that you get to be detached from the game as you get to watch your children’s reactions.  Is there anything better than the joy they express when they get to move way ahead?  I am learning why grandparents are able to take so much time to play with their grandkids.  It isn’t that they have so much more time or that they love Candy Land so much….they just realize that this time of their grandchild’s life will pass so quickly.

One other thing I have realized, and this was learned long ago, was how the amount of influence I have on my children lessened as they grew older.  My ability to impact their lives was less each year they grew.  It was so important that my wife and I spend their younger years building a strong foundation filled with the Word of God that was taught and lived in our home.  We built our lives, and thus theirs, around service in the kingdom.  We trusted the Word where it shared that “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.  We treasured Jesus and we treasured what Jesus treasures, his Bride, and sought to not lose those young years.  That foundation carried us through those years when our children were seeking to leave the nest.

I am looking forward to this weekend but please take it from “one of those guys”, soccer is good, Boy Scouts great, but spend personal time with your children and treasure Jesus and what he treasures.

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