Humbled by Stella

Published on Mar 15th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Humbled by Stella

Humbled by Stella Two nights ago we were warned by those with all of the technology that Stella was coming. On the East Coast we were warned that she could potentially become a “weather bomb”. This is a combination of a cyclogenesis and a bomb. A cold weather storm goes out over the ocean and intensifies very rapidly over the warm water and kabooms into a fierce storm. Yesterday most of us hunkered down in our houses to see what would happen. For some, the snow just coming. For others, they had more rain and ice than snow. Either way it was another reminder from our God of just how small we really are. Even if we are able to somewhat accurately predict when and where a storm is coming there is nothing we can do to stop it. The most we can do is batten down the hatches, run, or hide in the basement. Storms are great reminders of how little we control in our lives.

I did venture out yesterday for a few hours of office work but when the ice kept coming I bee lined it back home. As I slid my way home I found myself feeling especially grateful for my four wheel drive car and for the warm home I was about to pull up to (well to be honest, it is pretty warm as my wife is a human furnace lately and likes it chilly). Even with the house a little chilly I realized it was more than I deserve. I have a job I was able to go and spend a few hours enjoying. I have vehicles and a house that keep me safe. I have a great wife who loves me. I have children and grand children that are a joy. My sins are forgiven and my future is secure in the arms of my God. I have many reasons to be grateful.

God promised to bless the house of David and in his response David said this in II Samuel 7:18, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far?”. Stella brought high winds. My friend was tremendously concerned about some high trees that surround his house. I have trees very close to my house. God could change the course of my life with one gust of wind. Yet, he who brought me this far, even if he chose to change the course of my life today, he will continue to bring me the rest of the way home. I am in control of so little and yet I stand today so blessed. Tomorrow, if I would be given a day as Job was given, I would still stand blessed because he has brought me this far and he will continue to bring me all the way home. My job is to not control the day but to control my heart and my desires. My job is to recognize the one who is bringing each day into my life and to make that day about his glory.

Today is cold but sunny and calm. My friend and I need to make quick plans to take care of those trees that are potential hazards around our houses. We need to be better prepared for the next storm. It may not come tomorrow but it will come. It may be easier, today, to make this day about the glory of God but it doesn’t make it less important. Humbling ourselves before God today, and every day, prepares our hearts for the doing the same on the storm days. You are where you are at today because God as brought you this far.

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