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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation Paul shares with the people of Corinth that they are his letters of recommendation. In II Cor 3, Paul addresses the issue of having to present letters of recommendation or reference for his ministry. He reminds the people of Corinth that they are his letters of recommendation. They have been changed by read on

Harvey and Irma

Harvey and Irma For the past several weeks it has seemed as if our nation was under attack. Two devastating hurricanes hit Texas and Florida. Another, Jose, may also decide to turn and attack us. The destruction has been widespread and our hearts go out to those who have lost everything. Our hearts break for read on

Moral but not Constitutional

Moral but not Constitutional Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia used to say that he wished he had a rubber stamp on his desk that said, “Stupid, but not unconstitutional”. His point was that many things that came across his desk or before him in the Supreme Court were stupid laws or rulings but they read on

Come on, Man

Come on, Man! One of the sportscasters for ESPN has a little catch phrase for when he sees a goofy play or a player doing something less than intelligent. He says, “Come on, Man!”. This past week ESPN, in light of all that has happened in Charlottesville, has pulled an announcer from a University of read on

Debbie Downer

Debbie Downer I suppose that in our politically correct culture I should apologize to all Debbies out there. I know that you are not all downers but the alliteration works. With that out of the way, I will begin. I have been stalking Facebook. I usually do not write much on Facebook because my sarcasm read on


Unfruitful I am concerned, not worried, about a number of things today. I won’t bore you with the details of each of those things but I will say that since I am concerned about those things, they drive my day’s agenda. They help set my priorities for the day. For instance, (I guess I am read on

Pendulum Swings

Pendulum Swings When I was a teenager I can remember an evangelist coming to our school and shouting to us that “rock music is a drug”. He had been saved out of that lifestyle and he saw the dangers in it. Some other folks, never knew who they were or how they figured this out, read on

It is Just Natural

It is Just Natural I am pretty sure that I will be misunderstood in this blog but I am going to try and share my thoughts anyway. Let me try and lay some groundwork that hopefully will keep the misunderstandings at a minimum. It is clear to me that the Bible teaches that homosexuality and read on

Not a Hint

Not a Hint Sometimes the Holy Spirit just lets you have it. I mean right between the eyes. In a loving way he seems to cut you right to your very core. I had just talked to a friend about a movie. He was telling me what a good movie it was and part of read on

How Far

How Far I have been doing some studying and meditating in the book of Titus. In chapter 2 Paul speaks about the two appearings of Jesus. The first he refers to as the appearing of the grace of God and the second is referred to as the appearing of the glory of God. Jesus is read on