Heaven Day

Published on Mar 22nd, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Heaven Day

Heaven Day Today is a heaven day for me. I have them every once in a while. I don’t plan them at all, they just come on by surprise by the Holy Spirit. I will be reading or meditating (I stare out my window in my office) and thoughts of heaven will fill my mind and a smile will creep across my face. Sometimes it will be about escaping the pressures of life and sometimes the smile comes from realizing it will be the best vacation ever. My heaven day today may have been triggered by the howling wind, the temperatures being just above freezing, and the still dead looking tree out my window...on the second day of Spring. Yesterday was so nice and warm and today we are back into winter mode. I am assuming that in heaven there will be no cold weather. I sure hope I am right in that assumption.

I took the time to do some reading about heaven. The greatest part of being in heaven will be that we are with Jesus. He is our true reward. How amazing it will be to be able to speak with him and to ask him questions. I imagine our questions will be completely different than what we think they will be now but what joy it will be to learn from him. As I was reading, one statement stuck with my heart. Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I am making all things new”. That phrase reminded me of what Jesus has done in my life as he saved me. The old things of my life have passed away and the Spirit has made all things new. The newness of my life in Christ has been an amazing journey. Whether it be looking at life through the lens of his wisdom, or having open eyes to my sinful nature, or beginning to understand grace and mercy, or knowing true love, or seeing people through his eyes, the newness is far greater than what the old ever offered. I cannot imagine what heaven will be like when God makes all things new. The beauty of heaven will be unsurpassed. The richness of relationships which all point toward Jesus will be so fulfilling. Suffering and stress will be no more. Walking and talking with Jesus will open our minds to thoughts we can never imagine here.

That was a great half hour. I needed that. A simple reminder of what my future holds in Jesus. I found that when I stared out my window I was no longer focused on the dormant tree with no leaves. I was looking beyond to the blue sky and to my future in heaven. As I focused back on the tree, still blowing in the strong winds, I was reminded that in just a few weeks it will be full of leaves and swaying in the gentle winds of Spring. I know it will happen. No matter how hard Winter tries to hold on God has ordained that Spring will come. We have his promise and his promises always come true. This gives us hope. This allows us to continue to walk in obedience and to look to our reward. Heaven is our sure future because he is our reward. John 14:6 says that he has gone on to prepare a place for us. I was thinking about how popular those design shows are on television. Why do we love to watch people design and decorate houses for others? Have those shows tapped into something that God has placed with in us that we can’t wait to see what he has designed for us? Are we so looking forward to what he has in store for us that we end up living vicariously through Chip and Joanna? I am not sure but I know the thought of it brings a smile to my face today and I kind of needed to smile.

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