He Didn’t Have To

Published on Oct 23rd, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

Below you will see a picture of a moose that I took while on vacation in Idaho (although this moose lived in Montana).  Moose1My wife, for some reason, just loves moose.  We drove around for hours until we were able to spot this moose munching on some tasty grass.  My wife went nuts and couldn’t stop speaking about how cute this moose was (this explains a lot as to why she finds me attractive).  As I zoomed in and snapped this picture I couldn’t help but think about how silly this moose looked with it’s mouth full of grass.  We were privileged to see several types of animals on our trip:  moose, elk, deer, bear, eagle, chipmunk, raccoon, and of course, only one lousy fish!  It was a good time to simply sit back and meditate on why God chose to create so many different animals.  If you think about it, he didn’t have to.  He gave Israel manna everyday.  He could have made one animal (I would vote for the cow) and left it at that.  But he chose to give us this great gift of a variety of animals and insects and reptiles.


We know that the main reason he did this was to show forth this great glory.  Just as the heavens are said in Psalm 19 to shout the glory of God the great variety of animals show off the creative beauty and awesomeness of God.  Have you ever seen the animals that man makes up?  You know the ones in the comics etc.  They are usually beastly, man eating cross sections of a rapid dog with a dragon (or something similar).  If they are not that they are some kind of silly looking character that we are supposed to think of as cute.  Only God could create a moose with its bony kneed legs, long face, and goofy look that we both laugh at and are in awe of it’s power and grace.


We are drawn to animals.  We want to pet them and interact with them.  We see it all the time when you drive through Yellowstone or Great Adventure.  People roll their windows down to feed the giraffes or monkeys.  People get out of their car to get close to a buffalo.  And yet, we all know that although these animals may be more used to people than other animals, they are still wild and it is wise to keep your distance.  Just as the great variety and beauty of the animals remind us of the creative awesomeness of God, our desire to pet the animals reminds us that things are not as they were supposed to be.  We were created to be with the animals and God will one day restore this relationship – “The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder’s den.  They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”  Is 11:8,9  Our distance from animals is a reminder of the horrible effects of sin in our world.  Things are not as God intended them to be.  But one day they will be and I am sure that my wife will do her best to pet or ride a moose.  It is just her style.  Most people would choose to ride the wild stallion.  She would choose to ride a moose.  Head held high.  Majestically sitting upon Mortimer, her friendly moose.  Of course this would be after her explanation of why she had a moose head hanging in here living room here on earth.


Let me leave you with this thought.  Did you notice why the child will be able to play with the cobra?  It was because the earth was full of the knowledge of the Lord.  God brings peace.  The knowledge of God brings peace and not violence.  So why is there so much distance and separation between those who claim to know God?  Is it because we are not allowing that knowledge of God to permeate us completely?

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