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Boy, you really find out who your true friends are when your email is hacked. Recently someone hacked into my email account and sent out an email to all of my contacts stating that I was in Turkey, in trouble, and in need of money. They even stole my signature at the bottom of my emails so it looked real. I received several calls from people I haven’t heard from in years making sure I was ok. But where were the rest of the people? So many of my so called friends never bothered to contact me to see if I was ok. What if I really was in Turkey and in trouble? But that is the point, isn’t it? I was not in Turkey. I was not in trouble and most people understood that this was a scam. For me to get mad at friends that did not call would be silly and placing my relationships in jeopardy over something that was not real. Yet we do this all the time.

We get word from our doctor that we need to keep on eye on something. We hear rumors that our jobs may be in jeopardy. We have a near accident. We miss church a couple of weeks due to some appointments. When our friends fail to notice or make a big deal out of our “situation” we get upset. We say things like, “I know I didn’t lose my job but I could have and you didn’t bother to email me or call me.” We find that we are holding our friends accountable for care that we did not need but thought we needed. It places an unrealistic burden on our friends. When we get “good” at this we soon begin to think of all the friends that we do not have and how no one is really there for us. We go to parties or to church and we prove our theory as we stay in the background and no one wants to talk with us. All of this builds to the point where we put up such big walls that no one is able to penetrate them.

We can do this with God also. We believe that we need him to work or provide in a certain way. It is not a true emergency or even a true need. When he chooses to not provide in the way we think is needed we begin to develop a mindset that God is not on our side. We do not allow him to be God but only desire for him to meet what we perceive to be our needs. We lose out on the blessings of Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think…” Maybe we need to stop telling God what we need and simply submit to what he desires to do. He can do far more abundantly than we can think to ask.

I am writing today about something that really didn’t happen (I was hacked but I was not in trouble in Turkey) and about responses I did not get about what did not happen. It is kind of ludicrous until you stop and really think about all of the wasted energy we spend on times when people did not say something, or our perception of how someone looked at us, or what did they mean by that, or why so and so did not call me, or how people really feel about us, or the “fact” that we do not have many friends because they do not….even though we don’t do the same things. If we are not careful, too much of our lives is spent on things that are based on our perceptions.

One last lesson learned from my fake trip to Turkey. I may not have heard from all of my contact list because they knew it was a scam but I did hear from a number of old friends and it was good to catch up on what God was doing in their lives. I also had one lady who was pretty sure it was a scam but she wanted to make sure that if I was really asking her to do something that she be ready to do it. I was overwhelmed that God would provide this one person, even in a time of fake trial, to share her love with me and my family. We may think we need hundreds of responses but in reality we need to be overwhelmed when God moves the heart of one to reach out to us. It was all I really needed.

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