God Told Me

Published on Sep 3rd, 2014 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
God Told Me

God Told Me

I had a friend who used to like to hold me accountable to the words I used.  I had a habit of saying things like, “I just hate that”.  He would ask if I really hated it or was I exaggerating.  I would reply that what I really hated was his asking me if I really hated it. Although annoying, I understood his point.  No one should have a heart full of hate.  I think, though, that we can spend so much time holding people accountable for their words that we fail to listen to what they are saying.  I do not want to be like that.  But I do believe we need to be careful how we use our words.  For instance, I often hear Christians say today, “God told me” or “I had a word from God”.  I believe what most people are saying is that the Spirit of God prompted their hearts by the Word of God and prayer.  Often they are speaking of a feeling they have had to do something.  While praying they got an idea and they don’t know where it came from but they believe it was a word from God to be obedient in something.  I have had that happen.  I have been praying, often it happens when we are praying as a church, and I have been moved, I believe by the Spirit of God, to try something at church.  Sometimes those ideas bear fruit.  Sometimes they don’t.  Not sure why that is.  Did the Spirit move my heart or not?  Did the Spirit want something to be tried and fail?  Did I misread my desires for the Spirit’s desires?  I am not sure I have all the answers.

Some folks though, have gone a step further.  They say they were not prompted by the Holy Spirit but they heard directly from God.  I am very uncomfortable with these kinds of things.  I do not want to limit God, either.  If God wants to speak to people, I believe he is perfectly capable of doing so.  I do believe, though, that with the completion of the Word of God that he has limited those times of speaking to people directly.  I do know that because of Rev 22:18, 19 there are not new words to be added to the Bible so I wonder what we do with what is said?  Are they inspired and infallible?  If so, what do we do with the person who shares a “truth” that does not come true?  Do we stone them as in the Old Testament?  Are these “words from God” less than authoritative than the Bible?  Some folks say no.  Some of the preachers on TV say that these words are inspired and directly from God.  Hearing audible messages from God is not something I have heard and I believe we better be very careful before we start agreeing to those kinds of messages from God.  For me, the Spirit of God and the Word of God are plenty.

I think that is the problem.  For too many, the written Word of God is simply not enough.  They say they love the Word but every time I speak with them they are not quoting Scripture or sharing from that Word…they are sharing another “word from God” they received that morning.  “God told me that…”  “God shared with my heart…”  Even when it is scriptural, such as God told me not to fear, it is not from the Word of God that they are sharing, it is from a special prompting from God.  It almost seems as if they alone have some kind of special conduit to God.  What is scary is that a heartfelt reading of Psalm 27 does not carry as much power for them as this special word from God that morning.  If not careful then all of these special words from God can quickly go off course.  I was watching one man on TV share how God had not simply prompted his heart but how God had audibly told him that if he built the world’s tallest tree house that God would make sure he had enough wood.  I find it very difficult to picture that conversation.

Words do matter.  For many of you, you believe as I do.  That God is certainly capable of speaking to someone if he wanted to.  You also believe that he has spoken, through the written Word of God, in a manner that is so sufficient that we have enough (II Tim 3:16, 17; II Pet 1:3).  You also believe that the Holy Spirit of God has been given to us to illuminate, guide, convict, and prompt us.  In that case, be careful how you speak.  Be careful about saying things like… “God spoke to me” or “God told me to tell you”.

For those who believe that they have heard the audible voice of God or that God speaks to their hearts often…please be careful.  Be constantly immersed in the written Word of God.  Be satisfied with the written Word of God and seek to give it all authority in your life.  If, then, God is speaking to your heart…examine that message and see if it is not the Spirit of God speaking to you through the Word of God.  If it is, then share that with others so that they can be encouraged by the same truths that are also written to them.

For all of us, let us stand back and be amazed that the God of all creation, the Lord of all, is willing to communicate with us in any manner.

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