Future Love

Published on Aug 16th, 2016 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Future Love

Future Love

Listen to this amazing quote from Tim Keller’s book, The Meaning of Marriage, “Wedding vows are not a declaration of present love but a mutually binding promise of future love.” He goes on to explain how a wedding is so much more than simply a celebration of present love. That kind of love is assumed at a wedding. When you stand before your guests, the Pastor, and God and say your vows you are promising to love, be faithful, and true through every and any circumstance. You promise to love your spouse even when your feelings fluctuate. You have vowed to be that kind of person. You have vowed to love in that manner.

That vow you made before God needs to be a huge contributing factor during the whole of your marriage. Too often, the farther we get from the wedding day, the less that vow may seem binding on our lives. We begin to build an argument for why we should be allowed to break that vow. We argue that we could never have foreseen these kinds of circumstances or that our spouse is not the same person we married. Yet, those are the very things we vowed to love through when we stood on our wedding day. If you think about it, those kinds of reasons are the very purpose of making the vow.

The saddest day in any marriage is when our spouse fails to keep their vow. They have stopped loving or have broken the vow with another person. A piece of us dies that day and God’s Word gives us direction during that time. What we must do as we decide how God would have us respond is to act in a manner that allows us to continue to keep the vow we made. Our spouse may have broken their vow but we must strive to keep ours…even when it may look so very different from what we imagined.

It is way too easy to focus on external circumstances, other people and our feelings and come to the conclusion that the vow we made can be broken. It is so very simple to find people that will assure your heart that you no longer need to be held accountable to that vow. Who holds people responsible for things they promised as a child? The issue, though, is that you fail to place your eyes on the correct things. First of all you must place your eyes on Jesus. His vows to you are always kept. His vows to you are based on his character. Not circumstances. Not your behavior. But in him alone. In his character. That leads us to the second place you must focus. On your character. On who you are. You made a vow and circumstances and people may make it hard for you to keep your vow but your character needs to stand and do what you promised to do. It is true that when we break our vow that a piece of us dies. What we must remember is that it was not murdered but was destroyed by our own choice to fail to live up to what we vowed. No one but you can break your vow.

So today choose to keep the vow you made on your wedding day. You may not feel like it. It may be difficult to do. Your efforts may go unnoticed or rejected but when you lay down to sleep you can thank the Lord that you did what you promised to do. You can sleep in peace knowing that God has give you one more day of faithfulness before him and your spouse.

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