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In Matthew 11 we find John the Baptist in prison.  He realizes that he is about to die and so he sends his messengers to Jesus to ask if he really is the one who has been sent.  John was just being human. His circumstances shouted to him that maybe he had gotten all of this wrong and that he was dying in vain.  After all, shouldn’t you be blessed and not put in jail for standing up for what is right?  Jesus answered by pointing John to all of the evidences of who Jesus was as seen in others lives.  The blind were receiving sight, the lame walking etc were all evidences that Jesus was truly who he said he was.


I have a friend who recently came back to the Lord after wandering away from him for some time. God had brought him to his knees in repentance and my friend is now seeking to walk in truth.  Ever since that decision he has had greater health problems, has lost his job, and is now getting sued for a work accident that was not his fault.  His life truly has become a country song.   He and I have spent a few hours looking intently at the cross so that we could allow the love of God as seen at the cross to outweigh his present troubles.  The truths of adoption, redemption, forgiveness, mercy, etc all were accomplished at the cross and when our eyes are fixed on Jesus and his work it truly outweighs our present suffering.


Another weapon of spiritual warfare is to get over our pettiness and jealousy and allow the work of God in others lives to provide us with confidence that God is at work in our lives.  John the Baptist was told by Jesus to know that he was who he said he was, that he truly was worth dying for, because of his work in other people’s lives.  Those evidences of God’s work in others lives were a reminder of how God not only had worked in John’s life in the past but was also working now (even though it seemed like life and evil were winning).


So I did that today.  I sat back with my feet on my desk and meditated on the evidences of God’s work in other people’s lives (I have a great job!).  I was reminded by the Spirit of two ladies at our church who have been faithfully involved in our worship services for the 21 years I have been at this church. They have endured changes and having their toes stepped on and yet they continue to play their instruments for the Lord.  That is a work of God in their lives.  I thought of another lady who comes with her oxygen tube and prays for everyone else.  One man remembers every prayer request that we publish each week and prays for them on Wednesdays.  I met a lady yesterday who was prayed for and her leg was healed.  Another friend of my wife’s put her house up for sale, above market value, and sold it in a week.  A couple of weeks later she received 47 checks from the state because they had made a mistake on their adopted child’s benefit checks.  That child had been praying that God would provide money for the new house they needed.  A brother in Christ came and apologized for a small slight he made to me.  I was filled with joy this Sunday even though attendance was low.  I attended a meeting with our state legislators and one of them stood up and quoted about 20 Bible verses and shared how he served the Lord first and foremost.  A young teenager heard of a need one of ladies of our church had (her husband just left for Korea for a long time) and he stepped right up and wanted to help.


I actually thought of tons more.  It was fun.  I usually find myself listing and praying for any number of people or areas where Satan seems to be winning.  I find myself praying for some of those people for a long time.  It can get discouraging.  But then I begin to recount the amazing work that God is accomplishing in my life and the life of so many others and hope is renewed in a God who does things in his time.  Go ahead, take ten minutes out of your day to recognize the evidences of God’s work all around you.  Its a hoot!

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