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Enough…is that a word we use often in our lives?  Do we have enough money?  Do we have enough vacation?  Do we have enough friends?  Do people compliment us enough?  We often say we are full but did we eat enough (or just can’t eat anymore?)  Enough can be a tough word.  Do you think that not having enough started with Lucifer in heaven when he wanted to be more than who he was? How do we balance a drive to improve and a heart that says enough?  Is it possible to find a place where enough is enough and therefore there is peace?


Recently God has been doing a great work in my heart.  He has been teaching me through some counseling I have done and through my own life’s journey that Jesus truly is enough.  It is weird how he has begun to cement that truth in my heart.  I have found myself in situations where nothing I could offer, or give, or do, was enough.  How sad is it that I sat there for a few minutes in panic as I realized that I had nothing to say, nothing to offer…I had nothing?  I thought of what I could do personally, what the church could do as a family, and even what the Word of God says about being in impossible situations but nothing was enough to address these situations.  The hurt and pains were so deep that everything I could offer seemed trite and superficial.  Then the Holy Spirit filled my heart and mouth and I simply said, “I have nothing to offer you except Jesus and he is enough”.  He is enough!  Maybe I had forgotten that truth…or maybe that was the problem.  I had allowed my heart to be more about truth than about a relationship with a living, personal God.  The truth that Jesus is enough does not heal the wounds…Jesus does.  What I have to offer is not simply Godly wisdom from a supernatural book…I have Jesus to offer.


I love the gospel.  It truly is the good news.  I love every aspect of the gospel.  Adoption, Justification, Propitiation, Imputation, the fact that I am no longer under the wrath of God, the truth that Jesus came and lived among us, the fact that my future is secure… I love it all and it has changed my life completely.  I preach the gospel to myself every day.  I believe that the truths of the gospel are the best counseling tools we have.  But had I allowed my love for the gospel to swallow up my relationship to Jesus?  Is it even possible to do that?  I know that I can best see and know God through the Gospel but I cannot allow it to simply become a set of great truths and not a revelation of the one I truly love.  What we have to offer is not simply a better plan or a truer plan.  What we have to offer is really a who.


That “who” is really enough.  When I offered Jesus to others the Holy Spirit cemented in my heart that who I was offering was enough.  He would walk beside them and carry them each and every step of the way.  I have listened to others who address issues in people’s lives and they offer healing…as if that is enough.  Others offer the hope of heaven…as if that is enough.  Others offer strength and power…as if that is enough.  All of those are offered in the name of God or as truths of God.   They are great truths and great gifts but I wonder if in all of that do we sometimes forget that what we truly have to offer people is God himself?  Yes, all of those great truths are who God is but we cannot forget that he is more than simply a bunch of great truths… he is a living, personal God…who is more than enough.  He is a God who walks with us, who communicates with us, who is a pained when we are pained, who loves us like a dad, who carries us when we are too weak, who always knows what is best, who is right now waiting for us to recognize that he is and always will be enough.  When we realize that we find a place of peace that does pass all understanding (or bunches of facts).

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