End Of An Era

Published on Sep 11th, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

This past Monday we held a memorial service to say good bye to a faithful member of our JBC family. Mrs. Dorothy Borden passed away at the age of 97 and was remembered by her family and friends.  At the service Barry Camden spoke of both Mr. and Mrs. Borden’s faithful service to the Lord at JBC.  Mr. Borden went to be with the Lord just over a year ago.  Barry shared how Mr. Borden’s father was a member of JBC for some 70 years and how Mr. and Mrs. Borden served the Lord at JBC for even longer than that.  I was wondering if that kind of faithfulness and loyalty to one singular church is a thing of the past.  We are a more mobile society and people usually do not stay in the same neighborhoods for their whole life.  Even considering that fact I worry about our consumer mentalities that prohibit us from understanding the truth that things are just not about us.  Mr. and Mrs. Borden were not always happy with the decisions and changes that happened here at JBC but they always kept a bigger and greater vision for our church.  As long was we preached the gospel and stayed true to the Word of God then the work of the kingdom of God here in this area was more important than their taste in styles of worship or what new project we thought important.  Their desire was for the Lord to be glorified in this place that they called home. They also believed that although this was a work for the Lord to accomplish, that the Lord was using them to keep that vision alive.  How often do we simply move from one place to another without ever thinking of this greater vision?


One other thing that struck me this past Monday was that even though I have been at JBC for 21 years I only knew Mrs. Borden for a quarter of her lifetime.  When I came to JBC she was 75 years old.  She was active in a few things around our church but nothing like how she used to use her gifts in her younger years.  I say that because Mr. and Mrs. Borden’s main gift to our church over the past 21 years has been to simply be faithful to the Lord and to this ministry.  That was primarily it.  Although they were used by God in our church in so many different ways in the past, most people, in the last few years, knew the Bordens simply as people who faithfully loved God and attended the services.  What struck me Monday was just how much God used this in the lives of so many people.  Their spirit filled quiet lives were used by God to impact people.  We are so used to thinking that the only way we can impact lives is if we are involved in twenty different ministries or we are able to give huge amounts of money or if we can stand up and sing in church etc.  The truth is that the only way we will ever make an impact in others lives is through the work of the Spirit in and through us.  The widow only gave a penny but God used that to teach others.  I am not saying that you simply need to show up to church but if that is all that you are able to do and you are walking with the Spirit than God can use even that mightily.  The Bordens were unable to come to church for a number of years and yet, somehow, the Spirit of God continued to give them a ministry in the lives of our people.  They were not   demonstrative people, they never called attention to themselves, they were not big talkers…they were just faithful people who loved God and loved this ministry.  And yet, God continued to use them in many people’s lives.  May we never forget that God is looking for faithful people who are simply willing to give of their lives to his ministry.  He will use their five loaves and two fishes to do mighty things.  We will miss Mr. and Mrs. Borden but the lessons God gave us through their lives will live on for a long time.

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