Did Daniel Curl His Toes?

Published on Aug 22nd, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

I know we love the great stories of faith found in the Bible.  They are wonderful stories of God’s power and man’s faith.  They encourage us because James tell us that men like Elijah were men just like us.  They had “like passions”.

If that is true and Daniel was just like me then there was probably more than a few moments of panic when he was being lowered into the lion’s den.  I would think that he was shouting, in his heart, to God that delivery would be great anytime now.  I wonder if he was wrapping his feet under him so that he could spare himself a few more minutes of pain free living?  Wouldn’t that make him more like us?  More human?

What about his three buddies who so bravely stood up to the king?  Do you think that when the door flew open to the fiery furnace and the guard was killed by the heat that their hearts did not skip a beat wondering if maybe when that trumpet blared if they shouldn’t have stooped down to pretend to tie their saddles?  Wouldn’t that be more like our passions?

I am not trying to destroy the reputations of the men and women of faith in the Bible.  I am just trying to reconcile my human moments of weakness with the challenge that we present our children through the song “Dare to be a Daniel”.  When I was younger I was naive enough to believe I was tough enough to stand tall in the face of death and persecution.  I was like Peter who swore he would stand for Jesus.  Now that I am older I find that I have more of the wisdom of Jesus who told Peter he would fall.

We will probably not face death like Daniel but we do face a number of crisis situations that often weaken our knees.  Health scares.  Job losses.  Wayward children. We may find our faith being a little less stellar than Daniel’s.  We will have a tendency to put a good face on things and try to look at the positive while our hearts are quivering and our knees our buckling.  As that happens I would encourage you to look less at Daniel, he was just like you, and more at Daniel’s God who promised to walk with us through the deep waters and the fires (Is 43:2) and who promised to fill our mouths when we stand before governors (Mark 13:11).

Remember, that Daniel’s bravery, Shadrach’s message, Elijah’s object lesson, David’s great aim, were not human…they were works of God in their lives.  The human part of them was just like you…I hope these lions just ate!  Don’t dare to be a Daniel today. Dare to look and walk closely with the Daniel’s God…you will the have your own faith story!

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