Delighting God

Published on Oct 30th, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

The idea that we are able to delight God is one of those truths that calls for us to stop what we are doing, think about it for a minute, meditate on it for a few more minutes, and then walk away in awe that we are able to delight the God of heaven.

If you think about it:  God is independent.  He is autonomous.  He needs nothing.  He is everything.  He has all joy in himself and the trinity.  He is sovereignly free and self sufficient.

We are:  Utterly sinful.  Completely lost.  Totally depraved.  The enemy of God.  The creation.  The clay.  Totally dependent.  In need of everything.  We spit in the face of the one who created us and desired to fellowship with us.

If we are honest then we should admit that we struggle with how God could even look upon us.  Let alone delight in us.  How is it that this totally independent God who needs nothing and has all joy would even stoop to help us?  When we think of Jesus and his coming to earth to live and die among us so that we could be reconciled to this free God we cannot help but be amazed at the depths of his grace and mercy and love.  The cross is truly a gift of love that should overwhelm us each day.

The cross should be enough.  God, demonstrating his great love so that he receives all glory, provided a way for us to be reconciled with him.  That should be enough.  He could walk away after that.  That demonstration of love would be enough for us to glorify his name forever.  To be honest, it would be kind of miserable to glorify him for his act of love but not be able to please or delight him but it still would have been enough.  But God did not stop at simply reconciling with us…he has chosen to find delight and pleasure in us.  We can bring pleasure to this one who chose to love us so greatly.  Chew on that for a while.

The Bible shares many ways we can delight the Lord but for today we will choose one thought…”But the prayer of the upright is his delight” (Prov 15:8b NASB)  The ESV flattens this thought out a little when it says that the “prayer of the upright is acceptable.”  The NIV is a little better when it says, “That the prayer of the upright pleases him”.  But the NASB is much clearer…we delight God when we pray. The upright are those whose heart is turned toward God and desire him.  If we love God and we desire him then we will desire to please him and the fact that we are able to please him and give him delight should be seen as an awesome act of grace by God.

Why does prayer delight him?  Someone described it like this.  God is not a watering trough where we need to bring him buckets of water.  He is independent and free and is like a mountain stream that never runs dry.  His delight is not found in when we bring to him what we think he needs.  His delight is found when we come to him thirsty and we seek to drink from him.  He is delighted that we see our need and we admit that our need is only met in him.  It is then that we bring him glory and that he finds delight in us.  Prayer shows the depths of our need and the vastness of his resources.

As you ponder on the great grace of God today it would be good to remember that even though it would be simply enough that we could be reconciled with God….God has chosen to find delight in us.  Spend some time delighting God today by spending time in prayer.

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