Death of a Robin

Published on Aug 13th, 2014 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Death of a Robin

Death of a Robin

Each week I have the great privilege to walk to the pulpit of Jacobstown Baptist Church to preach the Word of God.  I take that responsibility seriously and the more I mature in the faith, the more I am overwhelmed by the glorious things that I am privileged to share each week. It is for those reasons that I do my best to protect the pulpit and to keep the pulpit free from frivolous things.  We want to spend each week speaking about God and the great truths of who he is so that we can share with others how he is able to change the world in which we live. But this blog is not the pulpit so every once in a while we may speak to things of lesser glory.

This week a man named Robin Williams killed himself.  Mr. Williams was an actor and comedian and because of the influence of the media in many of our lives the news of his death effected many.  Now as a believer I know that we walk a very fine line here of trying to keep all of these kinds of things in perspective because, after all, he was just an actor.  He didn’t cure cancer.  He didn’t discover some new subatomic element.  He acted and told jokes.  In the scope of eternity his career path seems very frivolous.  But in the light of eternity doesn’t the discovery of a subatomic element also seem pretty frivolous?  I suppose the discovery of such an element can bring glory to God by demonstrating his great creation but so can the laughter of a human being.  Mr. Williams did not live his life for the glory of God. He struggled with addiction and depression.  While being a very talented actor and comedian, he could be absolutely filthy at times.  Yet, having said all of that, I must admit that I was bothered by the news of his death.  I enjoyed, for the most part, Mork and Mindy.  When I would see that Mr. Williams was scheduled to be on a talk show, I would try to watch.  His type of insanity made me laugh (when I didn’t have to turn the channel).  I suppose that admission might show a little of my unrighteous side but he really could be a funny man.  His commercials for the children at St. Jude’s Hospital truly seemed to show a compassionate and caring individual.  It is sad when anyone dies.  It is especially sad with someone takes their own life.  What pricked my heart when I heard the news of his death was that no matter how much we heard about his battles we could not bring ourselves to believe the depths of them because of what he was able to do in our lives.  He made us laugh and his energy and silliness could help us forget not only his pain but ours as well.

I was saddened by Mr. William’s death.  It made me stop and think about the people that are associated with my life.  God tells me to love sincerely (Romans 12:9) and to love earnestly (I Peter 4:8).  How many of my relationships are about what I receive from the relationship?   Do I really listen to what people are saying to me?  Do I earnestly look for ways to love them?  Do I quickly push aside comments that do not fit into what I am willing to get or give from them? Just because people are willing to make me laugh or are willing to give to my life does not mean that I am free to take without giving back.  No one should feel as if no one hears them.

There is another side to this also.  Am I willing to receive the love and help that God is giving through his Spirit, his Word, and his people?  Even though there may be many, or few, people who are more than willing to take from you…there are also many, or few, people whom God brings into our lives to give and to help.  Do I push those people away?  Do I allow the ones who give me opportunity to serve to shout louder than the ones whom God sends to shout of his love and care?  God promises that he has provided and will continue to provide the strength and care that we need.  Do we really want to believe that or do we want to continue to complain that we are alone?

What is so bothersome about Mr. William’s death is that it was so tragically unnecessary.  The answers for his questions were so readily available in the Word of God.  God is willing to address the issue of loneliness by giving of himself to us.  The creator of the universe desires to be our God…our Father…our friend.  He, alone, can fill that emptiness of our soul.  He, alone, can give us the very life we seek to take. I was meeting with a young lady and her mom this week for discipleship.  We are reading a book together.  This young lady was impressed by the fact that no matter how far we try to walk from God, we just need to turn around and he is there waiting for us.  I did not know Mr. William’s personally.  But all that he needed to do was to turn around in faith and God was there waiting for him.  It is all you need to do today.  Turn around and your heavenly Father is waiting with open arms to welcome you home.

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