Come on, Man

Published on Aug 23rd, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Come on, Man

Come on, Man! One of the sportscasters for ESPN has a little catch phrase for when he sees a goofy play or a player doing something less than intelligent. He says, “Come on, Man!”. This past week ESPN, in light of all that has happened in Charlottesville, has pulled an announcer from a University of Virginia football game. The reason they pulled him? His name is Robert Lee. He speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese but is unable to announce a football game because ESPN is afraid there may be trouble due to the coincidence of his name being almost the same as a Confederate general. For that, I say “Come on, Man!”. How ridiculous are we becoming as a nation? How insulting is it to think that someone may be offended because I have the same name as someone else? I may or may not agree with those who have suddenly become offended by the statutes of General Lee and others but at least I can understand that they are trying to make a point. That statue does represent something. That statue is meant to commemorate what that person accomplished and what they stood for. But must we pull an announcer from a game because he happens to have the same name? That not only insults those who were trying to stand for something but it exposes the fact that the leaders at ESPN just do not understand the heart of those who are offended.

But maybe we are being too hard on the decision makers at ESPN. Maybe there would have been trouble. People just seem to be angry and they are looking for any excuse to exercise that anger. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the more we push God out of our country and our lives the angrier we become. The more we reject the life giving freedom found in his Holy Word, the more we grow frustrated. The more we reject his offer of forgiveness, the less we see of our own sin. Our self-righteousness grows and we find that we are unable to forgive those whom we believe are falling short. In our age of supposed tolerance, we are becoming tremendously intolerant of others.

In the midst of this chaotic, absurd world, we live as believers. We have been changed and are able to see the foolishness of what is around us. We have been given the eyes of Jesus so that we can look upon all that is happening and be moved by the fact that these are a people who have no shepherd. They are trying to navigate this life without direction from their Creator. We should be moved with compassion. Jesus knew exactly what we should do. In Matthew 5 Jesus proclaims, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”. Good works, that come from good hearts, gives us the opportunity to share the good news. Do not make the same mistake the ESPN leaders did. Know the people you are ministering to. Do not assume you know what they are thinking, but listen to people, get to know people, understand their hearts and then reach out with good works that communicate that you care. Do not let those good works be your goal. Allow those good works to then open the door to sharing the love of Christ that was displayed on the cross. The love of Christ that can take away the anger.

We live in a sin soaked world. But so did Jesus. So did Paul. So did William Carey. The greater the darkness the brighter our light will shine. You just have to take it out from under the basket of fear, anxiety, lack of love…..

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