Church Prayer

Published on Jan 29th, 2015 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Church Prayer

This year our church has committed to taking six months to pray for our church.  We passed out little tokens that we could carry in our pockets so that when we reached into our pockets and felt the token we would be reminded to say a quick prayer for our church.  I have been doing just that for the past month.  Last night I woke up around 4:00 a.m. and I found my mind wandering toward prayer and specifically, praying for our church. Since there was not much else to do at four in the morning I was able to express my heart’s desire for our church in a longer and more specific manner.  I know there would be a tendency to say a “deeper” manner but I truly believe that often times a quick prayer is just as “deep” as one that is longer…whatever “deep” means.  Anyway, I have written that prayer out and have posted it here.  I believe I will be praying this prayer before our messages each week.  I am sure it will be adjusted as God directs my heart throughout the year.  I hope it will encourage you to allow the Spirit of God to lay upon your heart what to pray for with regard to our church.  I would ask you to write some of those thoughts down and to share them with me.  I realize that many who read this blog do attend JBC so I would encourage you to pray diligently for your church.

What happens when you pray this way is that you no longer will be able to simply attend church.  The Spirit of God will open your eyes to the truth that you ARE the church.  You will find that the Spirit will have new freedom in your life to use it for the good of the body of Christ.  The problems of your church will be your problems.  The joys will be your joys.  You will no longer be able to go to church and try to find a place to sit where you will be able to disconnect and simply worship on your own.  You will be personally invested in the worship service.  You will be personally invested in making sure that the worship service honors God and gives him great glory.  You will no longer look for excuses not to come to services.  You will be seeking new ways to give of your time and your money.  The Spirit of God will allow you to overlook minor offenses and major differences.  Your unity will be based on the finished work of Jesus on the cross and not because you all like football.  Church will be what it was meant to be…you.  Ask the Spirit of God to give you a burden to pray for your local church and then share it with others.  Here is my prayer.

Our Father…I praise you for being a Holy and Awesome God.  You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  You deserve all of my praise and worship.  I come to you through the work of Jesus on the cross and in his glorious name.  I pray that you will continue to create in my heart a desire to see your will done in all things.

I come before you today to pray specifically for Jacobstown Baptist Church.  Father, I pray that you will create in all who attend a desire to know you.

I pray for John and I that we will be students of the Word, men of prayer, that we would live holy lives, and that we will be filled with the Spirit of God so that the thoughts we share from your Word would be true and powerful.

I pray for the leaders of JBC…the Deacons, the worship leaders, the SS teachers, Community group leaders, committee chairpersons, and all others who bear responsibilities here each week…may their hearts be fully committed to you, may they love your work here at JBC and may they be faithful to our services each week, may they be people living in submission to you, may they be people of prayer, and may their sole desire be to give you glory by bringing others to your throne of grace.

I would ask, Father, that all of us here at JBC would allow the Spirit of God to so overwhelm our hearts with the work of Jesus on the cross that has saved us from your wrath that we would not allow secondary issues to divide us or to consume our attention.  May all of our focus be on you and your beauty.  I would ask that you would then use this love and our unity of spirit to be a beacon of light into our community so that others would be drawn to this place and to you.  Father, please give us a heart for others.  May we never hear again that we are unfriendly or cold.  May we only hear of how amazing our love was for you, for each other, and for others.  May you give us a great desire to see this church be a beacon of light and truth for years to come.  May we use our gifts for the common good of this part of the body of Christ.  May we be faithful in our giving, in the use of our time, and in the service to our King.  Above all, Father, we ask that you continue to conform us to the image of your Son and that this place would be a place that seeks to know you above all else.

I ask you these things, Father, as a reflection of my heart but may your will be done in all things.  I thank you for this great gift of calling you Father and for the work of Jesus Christ that made it possible to come boldly into your presence.

In Jesus Name,

Amen and Amen

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