Can I Get an Amen?

Published on May 14th, 2014 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Can I Get an Amen?

Can I Get an Amen?

In Genesis 28 Jacob was having a dream.  It was an awesome dream and I would encourage you to read about it and study it.  When he woke up from the dream he made an interesting statement, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it” (Gen 28:16).  God, in an act of pure grace, revealed himself to Jacob.  Jacob’s response was probably the best he could muster at the time.  God had chosen that place and that time to speak to Jacob.

In another act of pure grace the God of heaven opened my eyes to truth of my sin and the work of Jesus on the cross.  He then gave me the gift of his presence by placing the Holy Spirit of God in my life.  Those two amazing acts of grace assure me that everywhere I go the LORD is in that place.  Does that not, then, make that place holy ground?  Remember when God met Moses in the burning bush and Moses had to take his sandals off because where he stood was now holy ground?  The presence of God made that place holy.  The presence of God makes everywhere we go…holy.

Think about what that means.  When you go to work…the presence of God is in that place.  It has become, in one sense, a holy place. When you go to school and you sit and listen to that teacher or professor teach about the foolishness of religion…he does that in the presence of the almighty God!  When we gather together for corporate worship…the Lord is in that place (whether we feel him or not!).

Why then do we often hear worship leaders asking that the Lord be present among us today?  Why do they ask for the Holy Spirit to come? When we go to work why do we feel as if the darkness is overcoming the light rather than the other way around?  My guess?  Because, like with Jacob, the LORD is present but we do not know it.  We have not come to understand what the truth of the Holy Spirit’s presence inside of us really means.  We often end up asking God for his presence when his presence is already there.  What we should be asking for is a greater understanding of the truth of his presence in our lives.

The next verse in Genesis is interesting.  “And he was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place!” (Gen 28:17a).  We live in the constant presence of the almighty God.  That strikes a bit of fear in my heart.  Not a bad thing…”The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).  That truth is also awesome.  It is so amazing that our only response is to be in awe.  Our response should also be the response that Jacob had.  He established that place as a place of worship.  He also agreed to follow God (he bargained a little and some people have issues with what he did but I believe he was simply following the rules of setting a covenant).  He then agreed to give back to the LORD.

Think about all of that.  You are now the temple of the LORD.  His presence in you makes your life a holy place.  Your response is naturally one of fear and a sense of daily awe.  Our lives are then lived in an almost constant state of worship, obedience, and giving (especially when we gather to worship…we know that presence of God is there and we see that in others and our hearts are all moved to give him honor and praise…the service proceedings simply allow all of us to do that in unity…this keeps us from expecting our praise to come from the songs chosen and how the service “goes”). Think about that again.  You are at the store pondering a purchase.  You are in the presence of God.  This act of purchasing is an act of worship as you are living in his presence.  You desire to be obedient to him and to give to him.  In light of those truths you make or do not make the purchase.  Biology class then becomes a place of worship, obedience, and giving.  Lunch with friends is a place of worship, obedience, and giving because surely the presence of God is in that place.

Being in the presence of God is an awesome thing.  We are not like Jacob.  We live in his presence and by His grace he has made us aware of that great truth.  Can I get an amen?

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