Bruce Jenner

Published on Apr 30th, 2015 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

In case you missed it, Bruce Jenner, a onetime world class athlete, has confessed that his whole life he has believed that he is a woman caught in a man’s body.  In his made for TV interview, Bruce openly shared his struggle and questioned why God would create him as a man and then give him the mind of a woman.  He joked about how God must have just been messing with him a little bit as he created this perfect body for athletics, a great drive to compete and win, but then added this little issue of wanting to be a woman.  As I watched the interview and watched Bruce struggle and look awkward at times my heart went out to this man whose life has been in such turmoil.  I cannot imagine the havoc that his struggle has caused in the lives of those so close to him.  His step daughter, Kim Kardashian, has shared how she may be mystified as to how this could happen (a woman caught in a man’s body) but believes that her role is to support Bruce in whatever makes him happy.

As believers, who hold to the authority of the Word of God, how are we to respond to those who are totally convinced that they did not choose an unbiblical lifestyle but that these desires have been with them from birth?  It is difficult to listen to stories of individuals who speak of their earliest memories being about wanting to be a girl even though they were a boy or being attracted to the same sex.  The nurture vs. nature argument seems to fall on deaf ears as we continue to try and convince these folks that they are choosing to sin.  They have become convinced that this is how God has made them.

The key to understanding these early desires is to turn to the Word of God and allow it to speak authoritatively in our lives.  The Bible clearly teaches us that we are born in sin.  We are born with a sin nature that has been passed down through Adam (Ps 51:5; Ps 58:3; Rom 5:12).  The Bible also teaches that our sin nature is totally depraved and capable of all sin (Rom 6:6; Rom 7:14,25; Jer 17:9).  In the book of Hebrews the author encourages us to throw off those sins that easily entangle us or that so closely cling to us.  There are certain sins that our sinful natures seem to desire more than other sins.  We are not born innocent; we are born with sinful natures and under the wrath of God.  Those sinful natures will manifest themselves in our lives in different ways.  A desire to be the opposite sex may be a sin that your sinful nature desires more than another sin.  It is not an innocent desire.  It is not a desire from God.  It is a desire birthed from your sinful nature.  You must then deal with that sin as you deal with all sin.

Here is another thought.  The God of the Bible does not make mistakes and he does not tempt (James 1:13).  Our God, who is in complete control of all things, did not experience a blip in the system when Bruce Jenner was created.  God did not play games with Bruce either.  God does not tempt us to sin.  It would be against his nature to create a man and then give him the mind of a woman.  It also did not slip by his quality control system.  God did not give someone a desire for the same sex and then clearly state that it was a sin for them to follow those desires.  Our sinful natures have produced those desires that are contrary to the will of God.  Even though our bodies may scream to follow those desires we must trust the authority of the Word of God and live in the power of the Spirit of God.

I do not struggle with the sins of same sex attraction or believing I am a woman.  But I have struggled my whole life with some other sins.  So did Paul, read Romans 7.  It is not an excuse to continue in those sins but I find joy in knowing that our God knows and writes about those struggles in his Word.  What would be sad is if we stayed in Romans 7 with Paul and never moved on to living our lives in the power of the Spirit of God (Romans 8).  Bruce Jenner struggles with something I cannot fathom but I can relate to the struggle of sin and that moves my heart with compassion.

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