Published on Jan 10th, 2013 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0

Have you ever taken the time to read Revelation 4 and 5?  I often find myself drawn to these great chapters when I am becoming overwhelmed with the mundane stuff of life.  The picture of the throne room of God just fills me with wonder and amazement.  So much of the description of the room and the description of God on the throne is designed to show us how unapproachable God is.  To be in that place had to be one of the most intimidating visions John ever had.  Yet, I cannot help but think that no matter how unapproachable God seemed to be that John was also inexplicably drawn to be near Him.  I would imagine that no matter how much thunder and lightning shot out of the throne or how many creatures were singing and shouting the glory of God, John could not help but think, “That’s my dad”.  Now, I am sure he was saying these things as he was laying prostrate on his face in awe but isn’t that the kind of attitude that we should have when we come to God in prayer.  So amazed and humbled that we are able to come with confidence into this room and call God “dad” that we want to both bow before him and run into his arms.


In chapter five we see another set of mixed emotions as John sees this scroll which we know holds all kinds of judgments and he weeps because no one is worthy to open the scroll.  I wonder if John knew why he was weeping?  Is it because he knew that he was not worthy?  Then he hears of the Lion and he sees the Lamb.  Again, this mix set of emotions and awe.  How can one so ferocious be seen as a Lamb that was slain?  John’s heart had to be beating out of his chest as he realized that standing before him was the almighty God who had humbled himself in order to make John worthy.


In Rev. 5:4 it speaks of the golden bowl of incense that holds the prayers of the saints.  Even though some of these events are happening in the future I cannot help but be overwhelmed by this great scene in heaven.  I am not just praying, but I am entering this very same room and coming into the presence of this very same God.  Can you imagine being in this throne room and mumbling some kind of rote saying to this great God?  “Lord, thank you for this day, help the missionaries, and bless me today – see you, have to run now.”  Yowsa!  Can you imagine the reaction of the creatures who, everyday, sing and shout because they are so overwhelmed by the glory of God?  These creatures long to be in our position as joint heirs with Jesus and we run into the room, mumble some quick, non thought out words, and run out to our busy lives.  And do you want to know the greatest part of all this?  The Father, the Creator of the Universe, the Almighty God, still loves and cares for us and longs to spend more time with us.  Now that is awesome.

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