A Plea

Published on Mar 16th, 2016 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
A Plea

A Plea

I like chocolate ice cream.  The darker the chocolate…the better.  That does not mean that I necessarily have anything against vanilla.  I just like chocolate.  If I were to ask you to like chocolate ice cream that does not mean I am asking you to not like vanilla.  My desire for chocolate ice cream does not negate my desire to use vanilla ice cream, at times, to hold my chocolate syrup.  Today, when I make my plea for you to support christian education, and specifically New Jersey United Christian Academy, please do not take my plea to mean, in any way, that I am opposed to supporting public school education or homeschooling.  I believe that all three educational options are viable, needed, and should be supported.  I just happened to have a soft spot in my heart for NJUCA and so I thought I would use my blog to see if God would move hearts to help support the school.  Again, that does not mean that I do not support public school education or homeschooling.  It does not mean that I think them inferior or in any way unworthy of your support.  I just believe that NJUCA should thrive, as an option for parents, and without our help it will not thrive.  I need to be very honest up front. My children attended NJUCA.  Two of my children graduated from this school.  My son graduated from New Egypt High School.  My wife works at the school.  She does the bookkeeping.  I know this is probably a huge conflict of interest for me to ask you to support the school.  I would just say that my wife working there has not stopped us from giving to the school.  My children went to the school and my wife works there because I believe in the option of christian education.  I do not believe in christian education because they went to the school.  So, for those who are still reading, let me share with you three reasons I believe NJUCA should thrive as an educational option.

Number one.  Somewhere around the age of ten (it used to be older) children begin to think that their parents are out of touch with reality.  As our children grow toward independence, part of that process is that they begin to distance themselves from their parents.  This includes how parents think and believe.  That is why church groups are so important.  I wanted other authority figures in my child’s life to believe the same way that I do.  My children were in school for about 7 hours a day.  I wanted those authority figures to have the same worldview of life as our family.  I wanted the teachers, coaches, and workers that my children came in contact with to trust the Word of God.  For our family, this was so important because of the issues that our children were facing daily.  As adults we often struggle with how to express what the Bible teaches about God’s definitions of family, gender, and race.  I wanted other individuals in my child’s life to be teaching the same things that I believe the Word of God teaches.

Number two.  The smaller size of NJUCA provided my children with opportunities that they might not have had in a larger atmosphere.  This was important to me because of my experience during my teen years.  I went to a christian school and was provided with the opportunity (??) to sing a solo as a drunken Russian soldier in Fiddler on the Roof (it really is a long story).  The point is that I still remember that song and I look back with fondness on that experience.  I would never have had that opportunity in a larger setting (and to be honest, I probably shouldn’t have had it in the smaller setting either).  You can certainly find these smaller settings elsewhere but NJUCA was a perfect fit for our children.

Number three.  NJUCA is a great example of the unity of the body of Christ.  Our country is crying out for cultures and races to live together in harmony and unity.  This school is a beacon of light of what Jesus does.  He brings cultures and races together.  Kids from the US, Korea, China, South Africa…all living, learning, and worshiping together.  I am not sure we should ever overlook the uniqueness of what God has done at NJUCA.  I know that each year it takes a lot of work for the teens to grow together and cross those cultural lines but each year that happens and it shines a light as to what Jesus does in our lives.

NJUCA has just started a capital campaign to raise $100,000.00.  I had a friend who was superintendent of a christian school whose job it was to raise $80,000.00 each year.  A number of years ago I asked him how he did it.  His full answer is too lengthy to share here but there was one thing that stuck with me.  His life is dedicated to christian education and he said that this option for educating our children will never survive unless the church of God supports it with their prayers, their time, and their money.  The burden is too great for parents to fund it alone.  Since he believed it needed to be a viable option for children he overcome his shyness about asking for money and simply asked.  He shared with me how every year people stepped up to help fund the school.  So, I am overcoming my shyness and simply asking if you would be willing to help.  If you are, then please send your $100,000.00 check to (see how subtle that was):


73 Holmes Mill Road

Cream Ridge, NJ  08514

I appreciate you making it to the end of this blog and for your consideration of helping NJUCA.



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