A Horse with No Name

Published on Oct 11th, 2017 by Pastor Ed Hlad | 0
A Horse with No Name

Horse with No Name I don’t want to beat a dead horse, especially one with no name, and I know we spoke about something similar last week, but here I go…I have been watching the news the last few days and it has been dominated by a story about a man named Harvey Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein is a Hollywood mogul who used his power and position to abuse and harass women. Apparently, he has been doing this for decades but has been able to kill news reports about his behavior. It is only now, when he is not as powerful, that the New York Times allowed a story to be published. As with most of these kinds of stories, once one person speaks up, then others are given courage to also come forward. With this story, we also get the myriad of folks who must act like Sergeant Schultz...”I see nothing”. The whole story unmasks the hideous underbelly of the cultural royalty of Hollywood.

What I find so interesting, again, is the lack of category that our society has for these kinds of acts. When you listen, or read, the news you realize that no one knows what to call Mr. Weinstein’s acts. They cannot say “evil” because they do not believe in a category of evil. They cannot say “sins” because that is against every progressive thought they have. So they stumble all over themselves as they use words like, “mistakes”, or “bad choices” and if they are feeling really feisty they might use the word “crimes”. I am not mocking these folks, I am not questioning if they believe these things are wrong or not, because I believe they think they are, but I do think they are struggling to figure out how to deal with these issues in their own life. If these acts are wrong then there is a standard of right and wrong. If there is a standard for right and wrong then their progressive thoughts about each person developing their own “truth” is in jeopardy. I believe there is a crisis of conscience going on that I am praying God uses to bring revival to our country.

What is really interesting is when our news commentators begin to discuss what can be done to prevent something like this again. As I have listened, the only solution that I hear being thrown around is that we need to educate our young boys better. We need to teach them that treating women like this is wrong. Yes, that is the problem. Mr. Weinstein did not know this was wrong. But if he did not know this was wrong then why did he do most of his acts behind closed doors? Why did he pay people off to keep quiet? Why is he now admitting that he needs help? Education, while important, will not solve the problem. Has education slowed the use of illegal or even legal drugs? Education, alone, without a moral framework will not stop what a sinful heart desires. In fact, in Roman 7, Paul hints at the fact that the law, or education, incites us to sin more. I have no desire to touch a bench but if you put a “wet paint” sign on it, I almost can’t help but touch the bench. Education, without a moral framework, will do little to quench the desires of a sinful heart.

These are the times when the Bible shouts its truth with a clarity not heard in our culture. “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is a sin.” James 4:17. It is a sin. It is not a disease with no cure. It is not a mistake. It is not simply a bad choice (think of how insulting that is to the women he abused). It is a sin. With that clarity the Bible gives much hope. Sin has been dealt with on the cross by Jesus. Sin can be forgiven. Through Jesus, we can have victory over sin. But first we must confess. We must call it the same thing that Jesus calls it. It is not a horse with no name. It is pride, it is abuse, it is evil. It is in recognizing how wicked we truly are that we can then begin to understand how glorious his forgiveness and grace is. We recognize that education cannot change our evil hearts. Only Jesus can do that and because of his great love he came and died in our place so that we could be washed whiter than snow. Mr. Weinstein can experience this great forgiveness and cleansing from God if he confesses and repents of his sin. He would still face the physical consequences of his sin but spiritually he would be right before God. If that offends you, then you do not fully understand the grace that has been shown to you.

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